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János Schneider

Plasma Themes by gomezhyuuga1 31 comments

Hello, first: Congrats to the theme, I really like it.

Second: There is a minor visual glitch with your theme in lancelot launcher at the right side edges of the logout buttons
(Screenshot: )
You'll might have to report this to the plasmoid's author, Ivan Cukic, because I've experienced this issue with many other plasma themes aswell, but it works fine with the built-in ones.

Third: I'd like to contribute an application launcher (=> Kickoff) icon matching the theme's colors used in the system tray area (#575757). It is the stock KDE line art logo, just in the color described above. I hope you'll like it! ;) (Link:

Keep up the good work guys! - Apr 24 2011

GTK2 Themes by 8Ypsilon 10 comments

Szép lett, grat. :) - Dec 22 2010