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Tab completion in the Gnome file open dialog is it's own worst enemy. Yes, it's powerful, but it's also a usability nightmare as it becomes a widget focus blackhole. The usual method for switching between widgets in a dialog box is to use the tab key, but this does not work in the file open dialog because tab is captured to do the completion. It also acts stupid for no reason. When I type in a directory name and press enter, I don't expect it to pass that back to the parent application, and have the parent spit some stupid error message back at me. I believe I have legitimate reason to expect the file open requestor to verify the file name I typed really exists (otherwise I may end up just having to go back there anyway), and also be smart enough to differentiate between directories (which applications don't usually open) and files (which they usually do). Oh, and it's ugly. ;-) - Jan 11 2004