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Cika Hamdija
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GTK2 Themes by dilomo 277 comments

Thx! Your solution works perfect :D Now the theme is perfect for me :)

I saw on some forums that some people have the same wish like me (window border).
Maybe you could place some FAQ or something with the quickfix.
However I wouldnt recommend changing the width in the official release (I will post this into your bug list :)).

Never mind about Evolution Mail. It seems that it has the problem with other themes too (maybe general).
- Mar 09 2009
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GTK2 Themes by dilomo 277 comments

First of all I want to tell you that this is the greatest theme I've ever used! Actually it's the first that I like :)

I have two questions:

1. Is it possible to quick-hack the gtkrc file to change the width of the window border (the vertical ones). I have problems pointing my mouse to resize the window :)

The gtkrc is quite huge and maybe you can help me telling me where i have to make the change

I probably wouldn't suggest to include the wider vertical border into the 0.8 release because it looks very good as it is. But sometimes i prefer usability over good look :)

2. For 0.8 release: Is it planned to fix the problem with Evolution mail. If you go to Mail preferences you can hardly see the options (also in the dark theme). It's not so important because i dont really use often my mail preferences :).

Again thx very much for this theme! (i love orange-black combinations)!! Great work - Mar 09 2009
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GTK2 Themes
by dilomo

Mar 09 2009