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Christian Ide
Dust Netbook

GTK2 Themes by mheath 11 comments

Hi, I use your theme now in a Ubuntu 9.10 RC. Somehow the themes for netbook remix seem to have changed a bit. The font color of the window picker applet now has nearly the same color as the background with your theme, so the window titles are unreadable. Do you have any information how to change the font color now? I also opened a bug on launchpad, but they say that everything works fine... (see ) - Oct 28 2009
Dust Netbook

GTK2 Themes by mheath 11 comments

Since I use the Dust theme on my regular laptop I also installed your Netbook version on my Acer Aspire One. Thank you for sharing your work and the conversion tipps on your blog.

Christian - Sep 01 2009
Dust Compact

GTK2 Themes by vervelover 6 comments

I also can't see any difference to the normal Dust theme. The menues and icon bars still have the same size. I tested on two different systems with Ubuntu 9.04, one with metacity window manager, one with compiz enabled. Any idea?

Christian - Aug 19 2009