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chuckie warner Terre Haute, United States of America

Icon Themes 15 comments

Score 84.0%
Sep 18 2019
Just a heads up, make sure that your checking the index theme name in all of your icon themes that you release because they are all showing up the same. I had to go and readjust mine with the correct name. Aside from that, your work is beyond amazing, and I look forward to all future updates to this icon theme as well as the others!! - Sep 23 2019
10 the best! - Sep 19 2019

Icon Themes 148 comments

Score 89.0%
1 day ago
10 the best! - Sep 19 2019
Second icon theme that deserves a 10!!!! Absolutely amazing work!! The XOne Icons Pack are the only other icon theme on here that fully deserves a 10!!! - Sep 16 2019

Icon Themes 98 comments

Score 86.9%
Aug 30 2019
10 the best! - Sep 19 2019
This is hands down one of THEE best icon themes EVER released for Ubuntu!!!! Thank You SO Very Much For This Wonderful, Beautiful Icon Theme!! I hope you continue with your work, and hopefully replace a lot of the Numix Circle icon theme with your own work as I feel your icons are WAY better in my own personal opinion!! - Sep 16 2019
Evolvere Icon theme

Icon Themes 184 comments

Score 81.2%
Mar 25 2018
Love This Icon Theme!! Keep Up The Great Work!! - Jan 27 2019
There's some icons missing but aside from that, I love this icon theme!! - Mar 07 2018

Icon Themes 42 comments

Score 82.8%
Feb 20 2019
I've said it once, and I'll say it again, This icon theme is absolutely beautiful, and perfect in every way possible!! Great job, and keep up the good work!! - Jan 27 2019
Needs more icons added. Still say this icon theme is just amazing!! - Mar 07 2018
This is another icon theme that I truly enjoy a lot and it needs to be updated!!
- Apr 22 2017
Suru Plus 30 Barcelona

Icon Themes 338 comments

Score 87.8%
Apr 29 2019
I'll give that a shot. I was just going to wait till you did the next update to be honest. I found a few other small issues regarding the top panel icons and the raven sidebar applet icons as well. I could screenshot it, and show you what it looks like but that could just be a desktop issue. - Jan 27 2019
No, all apps are default apps. I used synaptic to install them. I rarely use snap apps. - Jan 27 2019
Yes, the icons that I mentioned are the ones that I found to be missing. I'm running Ubuntu Budgie 18.10. What I meant by distro icon was your own logo for your icon theme to use for any distro. - Jan 27 2019
Great Job On The Update!! Everything Looks Amazing!! I Did Happen To Find Some Icons That Need Work. VLC, Inkscape, Bluetooth, Input Method, Printers, and Gdebi Package Installer. I Would Also Recommend That You Have a Suru Created Distribution Logo As Well For Each Distro. Aside From That, Everything With This Icon Theme Is Absolutely Beautiful & Perfect In Every Way!! Best Icon Theme In My Opinion!! - Jan 26 2019

GTK3 Themes 78 comments

Score 83.8%
Sep 07 2018
Ok, so I absolutely love all of your work!! You've got tons of talent, and creativity!! My question for you is, how do you get the icons on the side of your folder like that?? I've been wanting to ask for a while but didn't want to seem stupid for asking if it was something simple that I could have done myself already. - Apr 22 2018
Zafiro icons

Icon Themes 227 comments

Score 87.4%
Oct 12 2019
I like this icon theme, not exactly love but like. My main issue is that I believe all your icons should have the same width on your square icons, and not have some that look slim. I think having the circles, and squares with the same width would look a lot better. Aside from that, I like it. I can't complain about there not being enough icons as I know your still working on them, updating them daily but if you complete it like the Papirus icon theme, it'll be awesome, no doubt!! - Mar 08 2018

Icon Themes 3 comments

Score 65.6%
Feb 17 2017
I would like to see your icons mixed with the icons from wildfire, and see what happens with this icon theme. - Mar 07 2018
These need updated, and way more icons added so they can be used in different desktop environments. Aside from that, they look promising. - Apr 27 2017

Icon Themes 23 comments

Score 78.9%
Dec 26 2018
Ok, this is my first comment that I've left for anyone on here in a while. I'm going to be quite honest. This is the best icon theme, hands down, that covers every icon. They are absolutely beautiful!! Great job!! - Mar 07 2018
Clear Hexa Icon Theme

Icon Themes 9 comments

by Jike
Score 60.0%
Feb 18 2018
No, absolutely not. I can't say yes that this is an amazing icon theme. Reason, yes, You used someone else's icon theme with your icon theme, which honestly does not mix well. The colors are separate. Yours are bright, and vivid, and the others are colorful but not bright, and are more round as to yours which are hex. I wish you would design an icon theme of your own without relying on the other icon theme so you could have an full complete icon theme of your own which I know for a fact would blow away all other icon themes. I'm not trying to be hard, or judgemental. I just want you to realize your own full potential. You have real talent! - Oct 16 2017
Um, I'm not sure whether you've noticed the issue here but the icon theme that extracts is the Mac OS icon theme, and not the Hexa Icon Theme. You should probably fix this issue very soon. - Oct 15 2017
Poppy OS X Revieve

GTK3 Themes 31 comments

Score 73.8%
Sep 18 2017
Are you planning on adding an updated icon theme like you did with the last release? Screenshots? - Jul 22 2017

Icon Themes 13 comments

Score 79.5%
Aug 10 2017
Just wanted to say that this is a really nice icon theme. I know that its not a complete icon theme, and that building a full icon theme can be time consuming. With that being said, I can't wait for the final release. Its nice to see a new icon theme with so much promise instead of seeing people post the same icon themes over and over again. - Jul 14 2017
xatane-o icon pack

Icon Themes 5 comments

Score 58.0%
Apr 24 2017
You should honestly put this out because its really nice. I did run into one problem. The sidebar view/treeview icons, show up just as icons/folders. They are weird to look at because theres no indication of what they are really. I would probably try and fix that but again, as I said before, great desktop look, beautiful icon theme!!!!!!!! - Apr 27 2017
I have question for you. What is the icon on the bottom left for?? Second, is this an os that you are currently building at the moment and can you tell me what desktop environment that you are currently using and how can I set mine up to look that good?? - Apr 24 2017
!! WOW !! This icon theme is perfect!! I absolutely love it!! Great Job!!
- Apr 24 2017
Xenlism : WildFire

Icon Themes 37 comments

Score 81.6%
May 13 2018
Its such a beautiful, and wonderful icon theme, and really needs to be updated!!
- Apr 22 2017
LinuxLexOS Wallpaper Collection V1.0

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

Score 58.9%
Apr 24 2012
Ok, They got the download link fixed! Nice wallpaper collection! Everything looks good! Thanks! - Sep 12 2011
Why would you post something on here when the download link is broken? You might wanna get this fixed soon. - Sep 11 2011
Apple Desu_Sheets (Death-Note) Anime

GnoMenu Skins 2 comments

Score 63.3%
Nov 02 2010
I tried to download the apple gnomenu button, and it says not found. - Nov 02 2010
LaGaDesk-102 & 101-Suite

GTK2 Themes 21 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 11 2010
I'm really impressed with the work that everyone puts into the themes that they put on here!! I have a website up if anyone ever wants to check it out. Its all about Linux. - Jul 12 2010
Score 89.0%
Sep 19 2019

Icon Themes
by unc926

Score 84.0%
Sep 19 2019

Icon Themes
by unc926

Score 86.9%
Sep 19 2019
Score 89.0%
10   Sep 19 2019
10 the best!

Icon Themes
by unc926

Score 84.0%
10   Sep 19 2019
10 the best!

Icon Themes
by unc926

Score 86.9%
10   Sep 19 2019
10 the best!