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Jayson Messenger
Kirocker Music Display

Audio Apps by Sebien 324 comments

First: Great app. Definitely will stay on my panel for a long time to come.

Second: When playing a stream the song changes but the track is the same in amarok, so the applet doesn't update. It keeps the title of the song of the first song that is played through the stream. Any plans for a fix on this? If not, no big deal, it still rocks something hard.

Thanks again! - May 17 2007
Fallout Theme

deKorator Themes by ChubcMcGee 5 comments

Thanks, I still have a little cleaning up to do on some of the transitions between the areas of the frame. And also need to finish off the buttons. I also may mess with the FlatSVG icon theme to change them all green to go more with the rest of everything else. And also change the kmenu button to a pipboy as well. - May 06 2007