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Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 35 comments

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Mar 06 2011
Yeah, it's only optimized to run in its own panel.
I couldn't figure out, how to resize correctly if it's added to the dashboard or another panel.
Greetings, -chris- - May 21 2009
Yeah, haven't got the time to work on this project since the bug fixing. I use this applet day in day out and for now it fits my needs. If i'm starting to miss some features i might continue developing.
But besides that, every one's invited to add his features because it's open source.

Greetings, -chris- - Apr 20 2009
I already updated the sources but not the deb package.
Can't you build it from source? - Apr 19 2009
I found the bug and fixed it.
But for now, you have to manually click the update feeds action after a change of the subscriptions. I'll have to figure out how to tell the kconfigdialog that the configuration changed if the feed list is changed.
Thanks again for the feedback. I know there are a lot of bugs/features left. I'll see that i can keep this project in progress.

Greetings, -chris- - Mar 31 2009
As for your error, i think it takes a deeper look at the behaviour.
I had such error in the early beginnings of the project. It was a thread synchronization problem. This error looked similar to your snapshot. But i already fixed that problem.
Maybe you can send me your ~/.kde/share/config/netnewstickerrc file, so i can try if i get the buggy view too.

Greetings, -chris- - Mar 30 2009
Thanks for your feedback. I corrected the cmakelists.txt file.

-chris- - Mar 30 2009
Thanks for your suggestions. I'll see when i can implement them.
As for the bug, i have to check this.

Greetings, -chris- - Mar 29 2009
Sorry i forgot to include that you have to install
i guess that's all you need besides cmake and the c++ compiler

Hope that helps.
Greetings, -chris- - Mar 27 2009