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Krzysztof Magusiak Sambreville, Belgium
~/.covers/covers.db2 is used by gmpc and not MPD Screenlet; MPD Screenlet uses covers saved as ~/.covers/artist-album.jpg

Right now the does not work (it uses old Amazon API). In the next version, I will change the fetcher and it will work again. - Feb 13 2010
Thanks, it looks very pro.
Do you want me to include it in a release? I like it better than my themes, so can I use it as the main default theme? - Feb 08 2010
OK, I'll check next week if there is something that can be optimized. - Aug 22 2009
What do you call a high cpu usage?
My cpu usage is 1-4% for this screenlet. It will never be as fast as sonata, because it is written in python (so, it is interpreted). - Aug 21 2009
Since python 2.6, there is a new syntax for handling exceptions.

Old syntax:
try: ...
except Exception, e: ...

New syntax:
try: ...
except Exception as e: ...

My version is 2.6.2. I suppose you have the version 2.5 or 2.4.
Am I right? If so, you should update python otherwise tell me and I will try to find out what else can be wrong.
- Jul 07 2009
Nice theme :)

Do you want me to add it to the next version of the program? - Jun 06 2009
Thank you for the idea. Right now I'm very busy, but when I'll have some free time, I'll implement it (I don't think it will be too hard). - Feb 16 2009
The error should be corrected now. - Nov 04 2008
No problem, I hope you will enjoy this program. - Aug 28 2008
You must have at least the version 0.1.2 of screenlets in order to use this screenlet.
Here is how to install it: - Aug 28 2008
I completly reinstalled my screenlet and it was working, so check if you have the lastest screenlets installed (I have the version 0.1.2).

If you have it, open a terminal, cd to the ~/.screenlets/MusicPlayerDaemon (or wherever you installed it) and execute 'python'. Then send me the output, it should tell what is going wrong. - Aug 27 2008
Fixed... - Aug 27 2008
Have you installed MPD, configured it and update the properties of the screenlet?
Does any other client work for you (like mpc or gmpc)? - Aug 27 2008
I didn't used .conf files, but you can set such information inside the theme.xml file which isterpreted when you change the current theme.

P.S.: By the way, I think that updates of screenlet's plugins has to be sent to you. Inside MPD screenlet you will find the modified cover art plugin. - Aug 26 2008
Here it is:
- no need of mpc anymore
- cover art
- some other stuff - Aug 26 2008
Cover art is finally here :) - Aug 26 2008
Terminal Screenlet

Conky by spdf 58 comments

Can you add the option to set how many lines are you able to scroll back? - Jul 02 2008
I got some free days now (just after all the exams), so I've implemented some new features.

Now I just need 2 things:
- some cool skins (I hope someone will do them because I'm not very gifted for drawing)
- a way to get the artwork: right now, I'm stuck there, I don't know how to get the album (or any other specific info) for the current playing song using mpc and I don't know where (or how) to retrieve the album image - Jun 22 2008
Terminal Screenlet

Conky by spdf 58 comments

This is a very cool screenlet.

The only missing option I found (or maybe it already exists) is the ability to copy-paste.
I would be nice to implement something like in gnome-terminal: Ctrl+C => copy the selected text; Ctrl+V => paste - Jun 22 2008
A new version is here... v0.2 features: optimized interface and playlist support

I don't really have any artistic skills, if you want to make a new theme go on.
(After this update it will be easier. You just have to change the file theme_display.xml) - May 10 2008
Thank you, I started learning python 4 days ago so I don't know everything.

I will add a file skin.xml - May 09 2008
I will implement a playlist manager (with the jump function). It's the main feature for the next version.

Cover art will be implmented if I will have some free time.

As it comes to the filtering inside the playlist, I don't think it's possible.

New ideas are welcome...

GPL licence => any help is welcome - May 08 2008