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Chris Reitz Wisconsin, United States of America
bunjee & VUmeter

XMMS Skins by ottlux 9 comments

I haven't seen many XMMS themes that looked like the author actually knew what he's doing. This is really nice and professional looking.

Just a couple ideas to make it even better:

1) put slider troughs in the volume and pan slider areas.

2) your shuffle icon threw me. I thought that it was the volume slider and it goes from right to left.

Otherwise, righteous! Best xmms/audacious theme I've seen yet. - Jan 27 2008

GTK2 Themes by chris0 10 comments

The tabs are ripped directly from the DarkerIce theme. I'd like to eventually switch them (actually I'd like to switch everything) for SVG format so that things would scale more nicely.

I'll put that in the list of things to do for the next release.

--chris - Jan 21 2008