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Chris R. K.

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Aug 02 2017
I just realized that fonts are invisible (probably white) for those days for which there is an event in the evolution calendar. These days are typically highlighted in e.g. bold.

Is there anything I can do to change this?

Thanks and best regards. - Jul 25 2012
I have a been fan since Jan. this year. Great improvements already so far.

I just wanted to express my happiness! - Jul 25 2012
I agree. One of the best themes. I wonder still why this idea has not been picked up by the gnome dev team.

Anyway, this is a great work, and I will see if I can find the time to learn about theming in order to contribute.

The first thing I would then like to change is the font color of the desktop icons (from black to white) and the selection box (need to be transparent). - Nov 13 2011
Score 74.2%
Nov 13 2011
Score 74.2%
9   Nov 13 2011