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KDE 3 Color Schemes
Konqueror/kdesktop suggestion

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 18 comments

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Mar 13 2003
There's an option in KDE (kcontrol -> components -> file manager -> behavior -> minimize memory usage), which does this.
When you enable this options konqueror willl try to reuse an existing konqueror instance.
So what I do is starting a "konqueror --silent" instance (this is a konqueror instance without a main window, daemon like)when KDE starts, and whenever I try to start a fresh version of konqueror, it will be spawned from the instance already running, which is very fast.
The problems with doing this are:
1: whenever a konqueror program crashes, they all do, because they are using the same memory.
2: when the above has happened you would have to start a new "konqueror --silent".
So there should really be a daemon running in the background, that know's when konqueror has crashed, and starts a fresh background konqueror when that has happened.
This shouldn't be to hard to make, KDE knows when one of its program has crashed (it catches the SIGSEGV signal) and starts that KBug thingy.
- Mar 13 2003
Mandrake 8.2 Crystal Menu replacement

Icon Sub-Sets 13 comments

by Ryo99
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Aug 24 2002
But there are still a quite a few ugly mandrake icons left, hope your working on that.
And could you change the terminals icon in the main menu, there is a better one for this.
Keep up the good work - Aug 01 2002
Crystal GT

Full Icon Themes 385 comments

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Jun 15 2007
It has something to do with, the new "index.desktop".
Just copy the old one (from a previous crystal icon set) to the new icon set.
While you're at it, copy all icons from the previous set to the new one (without overwriting existing ones), since this icon set consists of far less icons.
Hope you understand what I'm talking about, good luck - Jul 24 2002
KDE3 - Next Generation Desktop

Wallpapers KDE Plasma 4 comments

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Jul 13 2002
Just remove the text, and this will be my default wallpaper, it looks great.
You might want to change your preview though, it's terrible quality. - Jul 12 2002
Aquaball (darker)

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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May 12 2002
Yes different colors would be nice, green for instance.
Great job - May 12 2002
Snowman & xsnow

KDE 2 Themes 1 comment

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Dec 14 2001
I haven't seen something like this around.
The little one's will love it.
Nice work - Dec 14 2001
SuSE ColorScheme

KDE 3 Color Schemes 14 comments

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Dec 01 2001
I'm using MS Verdana, but with certain "XFTConfig" configurations, it can look different - Dec 02 2001
I'm glad you like it.
I think i'll make a wallpaper as well to go with it .
This one is not public available i think. - Dec 01 2001
You don't need to have SuSE, but the only way this scheme will look good is when you use it with a color compatible SuSE apps.
It doesn't look good on many other apps and site's, green just doesn't fit in most of the time
Oh the wallpaper I use is from SuSE but maybe I can distribute that one as well, it looks very good.
And one could use it with the SuSE splash screen, to get a complete look'n feel, except for the icons. Maybe I'll make some based on iKons and change the color, does anyone have some tips for me to do that, I mean what kind of techniques should I use with Gimp to get the best result (I'm not an artist you know thus not experienced). - Nov 29 2001