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Christian Bendix Black Forest, Germany
That's easy, just open up a terminal and paste this there inside

sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth

then choose the default theme, which is called ubuntu-logo . Type in the number and press ENTER:

After that, do this here

sudo update-initramfs -u -k all

And you should have the old one :) - Jan 15 2012
NightBird Plymouth Boot Screen

Plymouth Themes by chinwildchicken 2 comments

Wow, thanks for your answer, im glad you like it

By the way, I had the idea to do a bootscreen of "Nyan Cat"

I already got it in Plymouth, but actually my Nyan Cat flys a bit too fast :( - Sep 06 2011
Thats no problem, there not so many Plymouth Themes and we can change it...

What would Barack Obama say?

YES WE CAN :) - May 24 2011
Just take a Look at this Link :) - May 24 2011
Ah Now I understand, You don't need to install Natty Narwhal... The Theme works on every Ubuntu since 10.04 Lucid, so also on Meerkat :-)

I've tried this Theme in Lucid Lynx, its fine :) - May 24 2011
For Meerkat?

Maybe, But I Dont have an Idea. I would like to do it for Lynx,Meerkat and Ocelot, but they all can't swim like awesome narwhals. :D

So Im looking for another Idea, do you have an suggestion? - May 23 2011

Wallpapers Ubuntu by sguvendir 1 comment

Looks nice, I love the Birds, especially the Pigeons, where are they taken from?

However, looks great, but maybe a 1280x1024 Version for my Desktop would not be so bad, or fo People with a bigger Widescreen ;)

Thumps Up :) - May 10 2011
U-p_2 Plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes by pegellinux 1 comment

I Just wanted to say thanks for this nice spinning theme :) - May 06 2011
Thanks, But I think its senseless, 11.10 will be oneiric ocelot, so why put out a Narwhal as Bootscreen? :D

But maybe We could do something with a Ocelot :)

- May 06 2011
Orange Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by CroMario

May 29 2011
May 29 2011
May 10 2011
9   Jun 11 2011

Wallpaper Other
by D-Dan

9   May 12 2011

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by sguvendir

9   May 10 2011
Lmint Plymouth

Plymouth Themes
by hellokitten

9   May 06 2011
U-p_2 Plymouth theme

Plymouth Themes
by pegellinux

9   May 06 2011
Wallpaper Ubuntu 1920x1080

Wallpapers Ubuntu
by Magog64

9   May 06 2011