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Totally Hot KDE girl

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Jun 11 2003
Right on! This is wat I been saying! I postd sum stuf that was removed, cuz it contained sum nudity. Now this shit is posted an it stays on for evr. - Jun 10 2003
whatever you think of pr0n, these ppl are still evil. I no a guy who knew one of their "fellows", and he was a total phreak. I wouldn't really say its a cult, but it totaly smacks off nazism. Think abut uit, their all german. Everyone knows german ppl are nazis at heart.

These assholes are the guys tat should hav they;'re downloads removed. - Jun 09 2003
Drink anyone?

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Jun 06 2003
Does anyone know how to simulate a scrambled cable porn look? The inversion helps, but I need it to be slightly out of sync horizontally/vertically like the scrambled look. Any help would be appreciated.

-Pat ( - Jun 04 2003