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Gonzalo Bruno
KParts Plugin

Browser by fischer 139 comments

I hadn't been able to test this new version until today, and all I can say now is: excellent!

That was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can freely say that it's made my surfing easier without having to qualify that with any "buts."

Thanks. - Jun 13 2012
KParts Plugin

Browser by fischer 139 comments

Thanks for the quick answer. Too bad that it can't be done (at least for now), but luckily, it's not a show stopper. The pros greatly outweigh the cons in this case. - Jun 04 2012
KParts Plugin

Browser by fischer 139 comments

Hi, I'm using it on Arch and it works great. For the most part, it's made my life easier. I like opening pdf files that I only intend to read once directly on the browser without having to save it to disk.
However, I've found that it complicates things for me with files that I already know I want to keep. Before, I used to click on the link to the file and presto! I would get the "save file" dialog pre-populated with the original filename, so it took just another click to save the file.

With the plugin enabled, I see the contents of the file, but there's no "one-click" way of saving it to disk with the original filename. The "save copy..." button opens the "save dialog," but the filename is empty, so I have to manually type it in--or copy/paste it from the url. Using the save menu from the external program used to open the file gets me the "save dialog" with a made-up name (e.g. KPartsPluginSF3360.pdf). The only way I have to save it with its original name (without typing anything) is going to the Firefox menu > "save page as..." and that's pretty inconvenient.

So my question is, is there a way to preserve the original filename and pre-populate the "save copy" dialog with it? Or have another button for it, or any other solution that gets me a quick way to save a file directly from the page I'm seeing without having to go to the FF menu?

Thanks. - Jun 04 2012
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