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cherry kumar San Diego, United States of America

GTK2 Themes by wulax 79 comments

how to install the theme /?


cherry - Jan 22 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts by maxischmeii 104 comments

can you write a small quick step on how to set alarm using weekalarm.

also , i tried to set alarm by click the configure button on the scriptmanager,
and when i clicked save after i have set a time and other thing, it didnt close on its own, then i click the "close window" option on the upper right corner.

to my expectation, when i again opened the configure file, all the values were again set to "0"

also, do i need to keep amarok running or can i quit from amarok.
I am using Ubuntu Gusty 7.10 gnome

thanks - Nov 04 2007