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GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

You can simply install the theme extracting it in your $HOME/.themes directory. This has the added benefit that your themes will remain with your profile whenever you backup/move your home directory to a new installation. Dunno if this was not feasible back then, but you should update the instructions.

And you can most certainly skip the chmod 777 command. Why would you want an image file with executable permissions, owned by the administrator, and writable by anyone, is beyond me. If you ran the command, run it again with 644 instead of 777 to fix the permissions.

Sudo should not be used lightly, and always think twice before copy pasting a sudo command (well, *any* command, but specially administrator ones). If you don't have an idea what a command does, I would at least look for signs that someone that does found it harmless.

Viruses and trojans don't abound in Linux, but they will if people don't keep their guard up. Let's not make the first Galician virus a reality: "Hi, this is the first Galician virus. Please send a copy of this message to all your friends, and then format your hard drive. Thank you!" ;)

Other than that, nice theme. I did revert OpenOffice to black text over a gray background (in Options -> OOo -> Appearance) to avoid problems, but everything else has a nice gloomy flavor. - Jul 23 2010