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Alexandr Mankuta , Ukraine
My Desktop - Oct. 07

Gnome Screenshots by CLone 2 comments

What themes are those? - Sep 29 2007
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

But where're window borders? - Sep 26 2007
Simple Volume Icon

Various Gnome Stuff by ThrowRocksAtMe1 4 comments

It looks like wi-fi carier indicator. But still good. - Jun 27 2007
Ubuntu Pixgirl Variation

Wallpapers Ubuntu by himeraz 5 comments

I'm sick of distro specific artwork. Especially when people just put distro logo on somebody else' great work. - Apr 23 2007
ClearLooks-DarkBlue (DarkNice)

GTK2 Themes by bass 20 comments

Really nice.
I would like to have this theme in green or maybe in some more warm shade like orange. - Jul 02 2006

Wallpaper Other by Zexelon 2 comments

Look at There are few tri-monitor works. - Apr 07 2006
Gentoo + xgl screenshots

Gnome Screenshots by crypt0r 2 comments

Где можно достать такую обоину? - Apr 02 2006
tux buttons - europe

Various Gnome Stuff by caminoix 6 comments

I'm very pleased that there is ukrainian flag. I'm from Ukraine.
But why there is no russian flag? Even while Russia is not whole in Europe Its part of it. - Dec 19 2005