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Luna II

Plasma 5 Applets by dxtwjb 6 comments

Thanks dxtwjb for your work. The original svg artwork is low resolution. I did a quick hack of the files to get high resolution (actually smaller file size). Can't post here as did not use clearly declared public domain image of full moon but any one who has one in 80X80 png format say can do my hack on 2.0.3 file.

Actions are:
1)Find a full moon image (for your hemisphere) and resize to 80*80 with background colour to alpha (GIMP) and save as .png
2) Create an SVG embedded png file in Inkscape and copy the resulting image file extract in say KWrite. it will look something like
Decompress the package zip file
3)Edit each image found in package>contents>data manually in KWrite by pasting over all the data except the most external layer that contains the shadow for that phase of the moon. eg fully functional luna-gskbyte0.svg looks something now from the layer 1 declaration like:

4) after your manual edit of each svg file you will need to fine tune it in inkscape so size of your embedded picture matches size shadow and are exactly superimposed. eg you will need to ungroup for editing, regroup and resize group to coordinates 0,0 ,80,80.
5) create the zip file of your package and install in usual way (eg $ plasmapkg2 -i package)

Do note you have to uninstall any Luna II widget you had previously and due to image caching if you check as you go you can get old images unless you logout

Cheers - May 06 2017
Luna II

Plasma 5 Applets
by dxtwjb

9   May 06 2017