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Charles Wight
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Sep 11 2010
Hello Karmicbastler,

I am glad to learn that you enjoy the icons and themes. Thx for letting me know!

If the folks at ubuntu are willing to provide the needed server space, I'll gladly learn how to build the ppa repository. I don't use Ubuntu, but I doubt building a deb/ppa repo is radically different from yum/rpm.

So the short answer is yes, I'd be happy to do the work if the ubuntu community is willing to host it.

Have fun! - Sep 13 2010

The gtk theme is a hand rolled work in progress based on the murrine engine. I am going to post it to the gtk section, hopefully tomorrow. I want to test a few more items ... but now I need a little sleep ...

Have fun!


- Sep 11 2010
Tunable GTK RGBA module

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Jul 02 2010

Moderator/Admin/Whomever ... please remove this silliness that folks don't unknowingly waste their time. - Sep 03 2010
I'm not sure that this code does anything! - Sep 03 2010

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May 15 2010
Thanks! - Apr 19 2010
The Last Amazing Grays Iconset

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Jun 29 2010

I like the simplicity and originality of the preview .... two things not found together often enough :).

I look forward to seeing a complete product. Best of luck!

cwight - Mar 19 2010

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Mar 09 2010
Muito bom ;)

small bug: background of cpu-freq panel applet not being set/matched ... - Mar 09 2010

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Feb 27 2010
Mom, I cleaned my desktop ... :). Thanks for the advice and encouragement! - Feb 27 2010