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nicholas Brown , United States of America

GTK2 Themes by AmiNimA 3 comments

This looks really good! - Aug 22 2011

GTK3/4 Themes by dragonzap 2 comments

Sorry for posting twice in a row, but do you think you could create another variant of this theme where all the window boarders are the same color as the gtk theme so that they kinda blend together? And a bg for the panel of the same color would be nice too. - Jun 24 2011

GTK3/4 Themes by dragonzap 2 comments

I've always like the Zukitwo theme, but it never worked properly for me, your variation seems to have fixed all my problems, and on top of that, it's looks even better with the darker colors. - Jun 24 2011
Faenza Fresh

Icon Sub-Sets by funnyguy 44 comments

Great theme dude! Works well, not many icons changed for me, I don't use many third-party apps, the icons that did change were a drastic improvement over the normal counterparts. The only problem I have with this is, I use a very dark theme, so all the tray icons on my panel are no longer visible... Maybe you could create a version of this theme with white tray icons for people who use dark themes. Shouldn't be too hard since the normal Faenza theme already has this. Thanks for sharing! - Jun 16 2011
- Icon Menu v2 -

GnoMenu Skins by martinsarti 18 comments

Dude, this is an awesome piece of work you got here. It's so intuitive, it just feels RIGHT! Thank you for FINALLY ending my search for the perfect GNOmenu theme! - Jul 24 2010
Gnome Dark Wood

Wallpapers Gnome by ceebeebg 1 comment

Is there any chance you will make a version of this AWESOME wallpaper that features the ubuntu logo? Preferably the ubuntu 10.04 version of the logo? Thanks in advance! - Jul 24 2010
What themes are you using? It looks awesome! Can you tell me the icon/metacity(Or Emerald)/GTK/Cursor theme your using please?! - Jul 24 2010

Full Icon Themes by Nemmeth 11 comments

Could you please offer another download option besides rapidshare? For some reason my ISP won't allow connections with rapidshare, and I really really want your icon theme! - Sep 06 2009

GTK2 Themes
by AmiNimA

9   Aug 22 2011
9   Jun 30 2011

GTK3/4 Themes
by dragonzap

9   Jun 24 2011