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Paul G
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PyKHTML site-scraping library

Developers Apps 5 comments

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Apr 29 2007
More or less implemented in the development repository (though with a requirement that you're in GUI debug mode, for the moment). You can get instructions on how to check it out at - May 09 2007
PyKDE is excellent. It wraps pretty much all of the functionality of kdelibs and is a pleasure to work with -- I would highly reocmmend it.
PyKDE4 is not ready yet, it will be released when the KDE4 API is stable and finalised. - May 01 2007
Not at the moment, but that should be easily accomplished. Is it something you'd find useful? If so, I could have a go at implementing it. - Apr 30 2007
PyPI Browser

Network 1 comment

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Jan 29 2007
Very sweet. Just a thumbs up and a thanks from here, really. :-) - Apr 08 2007

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Apr 09 2008
Hey, nice wallpaper. Is the sky image you used there available online anywhere in a larger (preferably 1280x1024) size? - Jan 15 2006

Education Apps 97 comments

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Apr 26 2007
Really guys. Have we nothing better to do with our time than have a go at people writing excellent KDE software that will, no doubt, be useful to many people? It's really, really sad.

ageless: I'm worried by the ridiculous, 5-year old attitude you're showing to the world. Really... grow up. Why do you care what section this application is filed under? How does it harm you, or others? Are people being tricked into downloading an application with a digital copy of the world's best selling book of all time?
When they name the application "1337 h4x0r r00t k1t" and you download it and see that it's not what you thought it was, then you can complain - and still not in your disrespectful, illegible, childish, manner. - Sep 12 2005
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps 179 comments

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Jul 06 2008
I like it! I was thinking precisely the same thing.. Kaffeine is one hellofa slick media player but i'm not too big on the current logo.
- May 21 2005

Office Apps 20 comments

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Apr 12 2005
Nice app
Just a question: Why the K prefix? It's not a KDE application :P - Mar 31 2005
Liquid Weather ++

Karamba & Superkaramba 1797 comments

by Matti
Score 46.0%
Jun 01 2008
What is that charming icon theme you're using in the first screenshot?

Paul - Mar 20 2005
TTS amaroK script

Audio Apps 16 comments

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Feb 17 2005
Might be reading out XML? That occurs in older versions of KTTSD. I'll probably just remove the SSML surrounding the text spoken - it's purpose was to allow for a little pause, though I guess it's unecessary. - Feb 22 2005
Heh, sounds interesting.
I'll get right on it :P - Feb 16 2005

Education Apps 22 comments

by mimec
Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2012
Clean, fast and responsive.
Excellent application. - Feb 14 2005

Graphic Apps 105 comments

by bk12
Score 73.1%
Sep 17 2007
Nice viewer - provides all I could need. I seem to find no problem with the speed of Gwenview... - Feb 13 2005
Generic Feedback-Wizard

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 26 comments

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Jun 11 2005
Add a window icon to the application (the 'K' in the square one would be nice) and look over the text. Punctuation and wording needs a bit of a brush over. I could lend a hand if you'd like. - Feb 13 2005
Nice. Should be added as a standard part of KDE applications in the Help toolbar.
I agree with the statement saying you should allow users to see exactly what is being sent over - show them a text area with the data you're about to send.

Congrats for the nice tool again. - Feb 13 2005
KOffice python module

Developers Apps 3 comments

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May 01 2006
Thanks :-)
I'll keep it going. KWord stuff coming up next.

If anyone has any suggestions for something they'd like added to this module, please say so. While it may seem like things are limited to what the DCOP interface provides, this is not so. A lot of things are hacked together - selecting all the text in frames is one, getting a list of a range of cells is another.
If you have an idea, just mention it. - Jan 17 2005
KOffice (KSpread)

Office Apps 5 comments

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Jun 10 2007
Nice app - clean GUI and productive to use. - Dec 15 2004

Graphic Apps 38 comments

by boud
Score 62.0%
Sep 21 2005
Both have been set fine. In the make line, it shows -I($KDEDIR) fine anyways, so its not that. - Dec 02 2004

Utilities 2 comments

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Nov 14 2004
Glad you've found it to be of use :) - Nov 15 2004

Email 181 comments

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Nov 07 2005
He means change the amsn "check my email" button, which defaults to logging you into your hotmail account with your username and password. - Oct 20 2004