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Feb 11 2009

I've same problem : over a sshfs mounted remote directory, it takes way too much time to seek the files (several minutes for a 700M movie).

Since sshfs is a fuse filesystem, I assume the first bytes of the video are immediatly available to the filesystem, so there should be a way to have a thumbnail quickly no ?

Other than that, it's working quite well.

Note that I had loop=0 as a default option in my ~/mplayer/config, and that was making thumbnail generation last forever. I solved it adding the -noloop option using mplayerthumbsconfig. - Sep 22 2007
The Reinhardt Icon Set

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Aug 09 2006
If that can help, I solved my problem (which seems to be the same as yours).
I'm not sure, but I think it's by installing the following packages (they're maybe in plf) :


(using mdk10.1) - Jan 04 2005
also, don't you think the Eclipse icon looks too much like the Euro symbol ?

:) - Nov 17 2004
They are great, really.

But since I've installed this icon set (PNG version), the icons that were on my desktop (KDE 3.2) have disapeared, and I cannot right-click to bring up the menu ??? - Nov 17 2004