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carlo bocchi , Italy

GDM Themes by jmariani 7 comments

every time, the same thing:
"i don't know why use windows appearance on linux..."

it's not a problem, world still goes on, even if we don't know why. someone finds it useful, and that's all.

more, i am the director of a little reading-room, and studying-room, in a student-residence...they don't know linux, nor windows, nor nothing. we have some very old pcs, on which only linux can work. windows, i tried everything, but it doesn't work. more, there are some older people, 60-year-old, or more... they have taken confidence with computers, but won't try a completely new thing, now, and they use our pc-room. that theme made them able to use every computer we have.

so, i ask, is it still pointless? it just helps, and that's all. if you don't like, don't use it - Aug 11 2008