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Gedit Color Schemes
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Molokai - Gedit Theme / GTKsource Style

Gedit Color Schemes 4 comments

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Oct 29 2010
Scratch that. My port is better, it has better syntax highlighting support. The Gedit-mate has poor syntax highlighting. - Oct 29 2010
Aparently, I just did a check. Mine is actually has a few differences when it comes to the themes colors.

I would say that mine is more accurate, color wise, but all and all, 99% the same.

No big deal. It was fun to make. - Oct 29 2010
Hah. Well, i'd never heard of that before. I can only assume it's the same, as this is a port I did myself. Thanks for the heads up.

Link to gEdit-mate? - Oct 29 2010

Various Gnome Stuff 2 comments

Score 67.1%
Oct 06 2010
Working perfectly from my end. If your continuing to have issues, contact staff. - Oct 11 2010