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Cliff Biffle

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by ceebx 233 comments

The light pixels on the corner of the widgets isn't actually the fault of the style -- it's a bug in KHTML.

KHTML assumes the text widget to be rectangular and gives it an unfilled box to draw in, rather than letting it draw over the page background.

The style does, in fact, leave the corners as transparent as is possible in KStyle.

If you want to see an even worse example, look at a file upload box. - Sep 01 2003
KDE Girl 3

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by blakjax57 30 comments

Yes, I know you branded 'KDE' on the naked girl. Am I the only one who finds this completely inappropriate for the site? I'm a proponent of nudity and a photographer, but c'mon. Isn't there, like, a Unix Wanker Girls site or some such where you can post this? I know that the voting will cause these to vanish (it's well on its way already) but there's been a proliferation of brand-random-girl-number-six-with-Unix-acronym wallpapers lately, and I thought I would chime in. - Jun 03 2003
Agent Smith Revised

Wallpaper Other by j0ntar 7 comments

I just love apostrophes! I'm glad you put one in! It makes my desktop feel so much more grammatical!


Look, folks. It would probably be best if everyone in the Slashdot/KDE/open-source community simply forgot that the apostrophe exists.

Reference: - May 26 2003

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 18 comments

Better yet -- how about you render it as a PNG and leave out the background entirely? I mean, this is what alpha is -for-. This way we can all set our own background gradient! - May 23 2003
3dwhite XCursors

Cursors by ronie 5 comments

If I'm not mistaken, these are simply the Win95 '3D' cursors with the colors removed.

Come on, people. - May 23 2003
Fireworks3D (OpenGL) - Source

Screensavers by koral 15 comments may have issues with your configure script. Despite a properly-set KDEDIR variable and a KDE install in /usr/local/bin, your screensaver wound up in /usr/local/kde/bin after the install.
Did I break it on my end? FreeBSD 5.0-DP2, KDE 3.0.4. - Dec 01 2002
Fireworks3D (OpenGL) - Source

Screensavers by koral 15 comments

Why's the install process create /usr/lib/menu and drop a file in it? Seems strange. Perhaps change the make file to only drop the file in if the dir already exists; if it doesn't exist, chances are good the OS doesn't use it. :-) - Dec 01 2002

Wallpaper Other by th.cherouny 2 comments

Any chance we could get a transparent version and set our own colors? PNG gooood. - Dec 01 2002

Wallpaper Other by benjaminjames 4 comments

It'd be great if this was alpha-transparent, so we could change the gradient behind it. (Not that your gradient isn't great, because it is -- but, for example, I'll use the same wallpaper on each of my virtual desktops, but with a slightly different color shade behind each, giving me subtle visual clues on where I am.) - Jul 12 2002
KDE Erde

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by bowfinger 3 comments

Changing the active titlebar color on my system changes the kicker side image color. (The images are generally grayscale PNGs with an alpha channel, so changing the color beneath them changes their color.) I must say, I was absolutely delighted to discover this. Go technology! :-) - Jul 08 2002