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Disk Space Screenlet

Conky 27 comments

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Feb 27 2009
The drive icon is part of the theme, so you'd have to replace drive.svg in $HOME/.screenlets/DiskSpace/themes/default

However, the included SVG file is quite big, so your new icon might look much smaller when resized.

I want to change the screenlet so that it fetches the correct drive icons from the user's theme/drives, but for now, changing the theme is the only way.

Thanks, - Aug 25 2008
Hmm, I guess I can add a formatting string for extra customization? - Jan 13 2008
Hmm, actually I could use such a feature myself, too. How come I never thought of that before? =)

Anyway, adding that to my To-Do list. =)

Merry christmas, - Dec 24 2007
Hmm, I should look into that. Maybe I can add it as an optional feature in v0.2. - Dec 17 2007
this bug is inherited from the original Disk usage screenlet, and I hope to fix it in v0.2.

For now, clicking the drive icon should work (it works for me). - Dec 05 2007
Disk Usage Screenlet

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by Whise
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Jan 26 2008
I've created a new screenlet based on this one. You can find it at

I've added some of the most requested features, and I'll keep adding new features. - Nov 28 2007