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Martin Schlander Copenhagen, Denmark
Amarok 2.x Scripts
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Jan 24 2013
Ok. I'm not really an expert myself.

All I can say is that the translations "just work" (I tested the Danish one).

So the PO-files just need to be included, and 'msgfmt' run on them, with the output file being put in /usr/share/locale/$lang/LC_MESSAGES/

But I'm pretty clueless about building and qmake etc., so no idea how that's handled in practice.

But getting Knights into kdegames for 4.6 sounds like a great idea anyway. - Sep 06 2010

I noticed you don't include translations in the tarball, even though quite a few translations exist:

Maybe that's worth looking at for the next release.

And remember to notify the i18n-doc mailinglist about string freeze, tagging/release date and name and location of the po/pot some days before release, if you do decide to include translations :-)

Keep up the good work. - Sep 01 2010

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May 16 2010
Are you familiar with Kepas?

I think it's not maintained anymore, but maybe it could be of use to you. - May 17 2010

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Jan 08 2013
Hey, you forgot to notify translators again?

.. guess I'll have to put you back on the list of projects not to be trusted ;-) - Jan 13 2010
Speaking of localization... ;-)

It'd be great if you could make a habit of notifying the kde-i18n-doc mailing list a week or so before you tag/release, so translators know when it's a good time to do their magic.

As the default package manager for (at least) Fedora and Kubuntu it's very important that KPackageKit is well and fully translated.

Martin / cb400f who does Danish KDE translations. - Aug 21 2009
Danish Radio Streams Service

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Apr 08 2013

It does appear under "Get more scripts" if you search for "danish" while sorting by "most downloads". - Dec 07 2009
The installation instructions are outdated I guess, as the script doesn't appear under "Get more scripts" currently.

To install this beautiful script manually:

1) Download the

2) In Amarok 2.x go to Tools => Script Manager => Install script => Select the downloaded file in the file dialog.

3) Restart Amarok

4) Go to the Internet section of Amarok and enjoy! - Dec 07 2009

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Jan 12 2010
Great. I've been wishing for a ksynaptics revival for a while.

Have you made any plans regarding translation? Can it be translated in Launchpad somewhere perhaps? Any chance of getting it into KDE SVN? - Oct 08 2009

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Jan 17 2013
Novell don't want to ship true p2p. Hence official versions, and versions on the build-service are built without VHT - or DHT as non-Germans call it ;-)

The guru version is built with it. He only duplicates the effort on the buildservice because that package is crippled.

But you have to be attentive to not accidentally update to build service packages. - Aug 30 2007

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Jul 26 2007
Good idea, but the sound isn't great.

There's also a heavy metal/growl version available by Jono Bacon.

And a rap/rock version by fenster. - Jul 27 2007
Ktorrent Aero AIO

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Jul 27 2007
Btw. I'm using Ktorrent 2.2rc1 on SUSE. - Jun 14 2007
Yes, great idea and good work.

I also have "ui-issues", might be related to using Danish translations for ktorrent.

Here's a screenshot of the problem: - Jun 14 2007

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Aug 20 2015
You're absolutely right, sorry.

Switched to sys-backend, no more write-problems.

Will report back if the sys-backend causes high cpu-usage, nothing so far. - Dec 25 2006
Following the recommendations I'll post about my experience wrt. ressource consumption on 2.6.18 kernel.

On openSUSE 10.2 beta (2.6.18 kernel, knemo 0.4.6 from openSUSE buildservice package) I noticed a lot of write activity on my disk - it seemed to be related to syslog. Since disabling syslog stopped the activity. Here's my openSUSE bugreport about the issue:

The problem did not exist on SUSE Linux 10.1 with knemo 0.4.6 - so it might be kernel related, might be something else - I'm not savvy enough to tell.

I hope you can find a way to fix this problem - because I've been a huge fan of knemo ever since I started using Linux. - Dec 21 2006

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Oct 14 2013
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Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

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openSUSE Splat

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