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Richard Christley Cary, United States of America
Linux XP - bootsplash

Bootsplash Various by warleyalex 25 comments

OK YOU PEOPLE ARE PISSING ME OFF!!! although i don't understand why, when i click download, its simply pulls up an image, this was a great project, and you people are bashing THIS just because YOU don't like windows? well i hate Microsoft also, but to be honest i like the look of windows, and everyone i know goes crazy if they don't see a button that says "start" in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. and to the one who said Linux is already beautiful, think again jackass. the default Linux looks SUCK ASS. HOWEVER... oh my god! Linux is fully customizable? oh right, so i can make it look like windows if i chose too! god you people make me sick - Oct 13 2007
Terminal Kopete Style

Kopete Styles by carocrazy132 4 comments

thanks, i honestly just started messing with other themes, and i saw the "hacker" theme and thought a terminal would be more hacker-ish. thanks for the comment though =) - Oct 03 2007