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Carl Williams
MacX Usplash Theme

Usplash Themes by kilo323 33 comments

Thanks to the various contributers of a nice simple usplash theme, which has got me going with usplash - not for Gnome, but elsewhere - I started with the osx-look usplash theme, since usplash docs seem elusive.

A hint re: the makefile - with GNU make (and probably others) you get a lot of warnings over circular dependencies, relating to the generation of .png.c and .bdf.c files from .png and .bdf files. What's happening is make's default rules are trying to generate dependencies for the .png files etc - you can suppress the warnings by either running make with the -r switch (to remove all implicit rules) or by including a non-empty rule for each problematic suffix. A non-empty rule which does nothing is just a semicolon - I added the following two makefile rules:



at the bottom - no more "circular dependency" warnings.
(Note that the semicolons are preceded by a tab, dunno how to do "code quoting" on this forum, sorry. Blanks just got stripped off.)

Just thought I'd contribute something, however small, in thanks for everyone's efforts!

- Aug 18 2008