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Noia for KDE 1.00

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Sep 18 2003
Yes, they are:
K3B use (as many other KDE apps) the current iconset icons, so there's many KDE standard icons used by K3b.
I notized k3b use some icons wich aren't created (k3b use the default 'gear' icon for these). If i don't know their names, i can't create these icons. Some apps have options without a specific icon, for example Konqueror! - Sep 14 2003
First of all, thanks for the patience awaiting for the final release.
Fortunately it's comming (i'm just checkin' for bugs).
-Some icons are different in the smallest sizes, because they don't look right.
-The final release will not have more app specific icons (K apps or not K apps), because the iconset will never be finished and the download it's so big at this point!; except, the icons for K3B and Kget icons (very hughly for these daily used apps).
-Icons for specific KDE 3.2 will be not made. Instead, it will be made a iconset for KDE 3.3, specially when the Noia icons are scheduled to be included (as a optional iconset i guess) in that release.
-Other changes will be made in time, but surelly i will not make a lot of changes. You must thing: this iconset is a personal point of view (how a desktop must look), just for daily use; i surprised to see how the KDE iconsets have icons for a lot of diverse apps; i don't know all these apps, and surelly some icons will differ from the original app design (i checked Internet for these designs, and i did a new design based on these designs).

About the storage: i must thank to everyone who emailed me offering storage for my icons! Sincerelly, i surprised again with the Linuxers help! This is not a problem. I'm just finishing the 1.00 release in 2-3 days, so wait just some days to download it.

About my personal adress: my domain was ended :(, and the renovation taken a lot of days! In adition, when my accounts was reactivated, i received a lot of virus-spammed mails (more than 4.000 in one day, damn!), and i needed more days until the server spam filters worked. Anyway, i receive a lot of personal emails, specially from Linux and OSX communities.

About the 3d Noia release (yes, the famous Noia Natural), it will be released soon. WHen the Noia and Noia Warm was 1.00 i will work on it. Anyway, you must thnk that iconset don't will be very useful for daily use... but it will be the most fun, and never seen on a *nix desktop. - Sep 12 2003
'I just hope you release another one with a different pallete in the future - kde is getting to blue... :)'

Yes, two more iconsets will be added very soon.
The Noia iconset is completed. It is numbered 0.95, because it will remain only bugfixes. This means i have a complete of icons to do for the other iconsets.
I have the designs for the 2 remainning iconsets; i will maintain the same designs for applications, but the designs and colors for folders&mimetypes&actions will change

There's also a 4t iconset, but it is entirelly in grey tones, and i guess this not will be very wellcome. I'm in mind other design for the 4t iconset, called Noia Pro (at this moment), and it will be the Noia iconset for daily use.

I will make other iconset, different of Noia series for a Linux distribution. If their distro staff consider it will be noticed in kde-look, or make it available for non-their-distro users, i will post it in kde-look. A preview of it will be presented in april, and the iconset will be finished at the end of this year.

I noticed other distributions are using my icons. Specially, i noticed the ARk distro is using my icons for their control panel. If any developer or distro builder, is interested in Noia designs, let me know. If it is possible, i will help on it.

Actually, i will be very glad if my icons are distributed with KDE, although it is not the default iconset. I searched info for sending my iconset, but i don't know where. I searched in artist-kde.

After i completed my first iconset for Linux (KDE), i decided: this platform is the best for icon customization, the most complete and the most grateful. I will propose a iconset to be included in KDE installation (not only available in kde-look). I will start a 'topic' to decide how this iconset will be (using the Noia designs, 3D icons or a new design). NOTE: the Noia icons can be only made using a Microsoft Windows gui program. I can make a new design using Linux programs (gimp, etc.). If i make a svg iconset, the design possibilites are reduced (the vectors design limitation), but it don't means a bad iconset, and can be correctly viewed at any size. If i use the Gimp (i tested it, and it is a very good program, more than i thinked before), i can make good icons, but the iconset will be very high (in megabytes usage).

Anyway, let me know:
-where i need to post my iconsets to be included in main KDE packages
-where i can post a 'topic' to speak with others, and decide which designs i will use, and develop the best iconsed ever created, not only for KDE, for any platform/desktop! It is preferabily a place where the kde developpers can see the results and the progress, and speak about the icons.

Carlitus - Feb 02 2003
but you need to wait at 1.00 version. Don't worry, it is very near.
This iconset will remain as is (with minor changes).
A new iconset is on the way (actually at 30%), for KDE and Nautilus (sorry, but gnome users are claim for Noia icons), and i will make this new version more time-developped, because it is intended to be more 'neutral' than Noia, for daily use.
With the Noia for KDE will come some sources (not all, it is impossible), and a version with 128x128 pixels. - Dec 12 2002
Is the default Suse 8.1 window decoration - Dec 06 2002
:) - Nov 29 2002
Thanks, Savannagirl! - Nov 28 2002
the mail programs folders aren't included on default kde 3.0 iconset (hycolor). I can't include these icons in this iconset.
I can make these icons, but making them available apart.
About the save icon: this is the 'save as' icon, initially released, but i gorget to include it on the 0.90. Sorry, it will be included in the next version :) - Nov 27 2002
i wish to install kde 3.1 to know wich icons are missing for kde3.1.
I'm a experimented user, but i'm newbie on Linux. I'm habituating very fast, but i have trubles making compilations.
Please, wait a time, just until i installed kde 3.1 - Nov 27 2002
Thanks for your comments ;)
the answers:
1.- I wish (i repeat: i wish) to make a iconset using svg. I like to use new technics. But, i guess the new versions don't will be similar to the Noia icons, because they have shadings than can be done only using biutmaps. If i use the same knid of design (lots of curves) and vector format, the new set will look very similar to the crystal icons (or a Noia-Crystal style). For this reason, i need to make a complete redesign with new look and feel (it will look similar in style as Noia or Crystal, but don't will be the same). But first i need to complete the actual set. Maybe when i finish...
2.- The shells are usually black, and lots of persons requested more diversity (not all blue) on Noia icons. I recognize: they have reason. This is one of the major reasons because i upload icons: i not allways have the right criteria making icons, and the opinion of others help me. I like to see my own icons on my desktop, and preferably i like to see better icons! - Nov 27 2002
Have you reason. It don't looks like a phoenix. It is not correctly designed: kde users aren't habituated to high sizes, and a icon for kde can't have a complete figure.
It will be better to make only a heah (as i made on Mozzilla's icon).
About the legendary phoenix, i guess it will be in warm colours, but i rely don't like this idea!
I prefer to make it in blue or green.
What do you think about? - Nov 27 2002
I will not include new icons on this iconset, except some essential KDE icon missing, and the KDE3.1 icons missing.
Don't worry, i will create new icons in other iconsets, for applications and extra devices (these on demand).
About new sets: of course, i will create new variations. At beggining i planned 3 new variations of the icons (not only in colors, in some designs too, see my homesite for different Noia icons). Actually, i will release only 2 of thse variations. Tha B/W will be not very welcome in KDE (due to the comentaries). These variations will use the same icons for applications and devices; it will change only the filesystems, mimetypes and actions.
For applications and other devices, i will make available other downloads. Tha 'Noia Applications for Linux' download will have icons for xserver, KDE and gNome applications (not only for KDE) - Nov 24 2002
If you wish to use these icons as Iconset for KDE, open the icon themes dialog, search for the 'noiaXXX.tar.gz' file (XXX means the version) then click Install et voila.
You don't need to untar the file to use the iconset.
Untar if you only wish to use the icons individually. - Nov 23 2002
Have you reason. This icon set are intended to have a clear design, and very simplified (to be viewed correctly at lower sizes)... but mi first intention isn't this...
I'm a OSX user, and i'm very habituated to high icon sizes. These icons are 'thinked' with high icon sizes in mind.
I discovered that lots of Linux users prefer smaller sizes (maybe for see more files using lists), and the K menu shows very little sized icons (sometimes defocused).
I will try to fix small sizes (sharpening them), or make smaller versions for those icons with a design too many 'charged' for small sizes.
Anyway, this icon size is created specially for higher sizes, and it uses lots of curves (that makes hard their identification on smaller sizes).
I accept if this icon set don't likes to some users (or a lot)... my last intention is to change the use of KDE desktop, only to change a bit. - Nov 20 2002
no problem.

never (never) and never i will compare KDE and Windows users. They can be compared, as can be compared Mac to Windows or Mac to Linux users. Really, i don't like to make a 'copy' of winxp icons.

Thanks :) - Nov 18 2002
ok, it's very nice and easy to do (not as .mng format). I will make the animation.
btw you make a good animation, and showed me how to make!
thanks - Nov 17 2002
There's some Kapps missing.
Icons for applications will be released with a downloadable apart (phoenix, etc.).
But i like to make icons for all KDE applications
You commented me the KDevelop, and it will be created. Let me know if there's any other K app missing icon.
Thanks - Nov 17 2002
Some people emailed me about the kmail buttons.
Yes i will change them. - Nov 17 2002
Again the colors comments!
Well, i'm a designer, and i will not make simple colour variations!!
When i refer to 'variations' i refer to new concepts.
-On any variation i change the designs for folders.
-I will not use exclusively 'blue' or 'yellow' colors.
-I will change the CONCEPT: for the warm icons, it have designs that will have 'warm feels', for the Natural icons i use foliage instead folders and strawberries for internet!! For the Bogart version i tried to make feel as 'old BW cinema'. Maybe i can make the icon sets using very different colors, but... what happens for the Bogart version? If this set (the Noia for KDE) are too blue, i will not thing wath can happens for the Bogart version (entirelly in grey tones)!

Ok, maybe the KDE comunity prefers only one design with more variated colors. There's a lot of persons that comented the 'excessive' using of blue tones.
I will create the new icons with different tones. But there's some issues that will happens:
-Don't say that this icon set it's too many colorist, and reminds you the WIndowsXP style!!
-Don't say that this is a copy of any other iconset!
-I will make the other variations, because they have different designs (i never wiwh to make variations only changing the colors, i did this and i don't like the results). I will not release the Bogart version!!! Sorry for the people that likes the BW designs.

Finally: i like the diversity, the Noia icons are intended to have alternatives with the same designing concepts, not to be a definitive icon set. The Noia icons are created initially for WIndows, and it have only 100 icons. This version (the KDE) it's not really a version, it have more than 400 icons, so it is 75% newly, and i need intensive work to make this. If more than 50% persons prefers different colors on Konkeror buttons, i will make this changes. Thanks - Nov 17 2002
Hi all.
The Noia icons collection (i named this, because it is a collection of 4 different variations, in colors, concepts and designs).
When i finished this set (the 'Noia' set) i will release the 3 remaining sets.
This set is the 'standard' Noia set, in blue tones. Btw, the original Noia release is more entirelly blue that this KDE release.
If you see the icons, you will notice that i used diferent colors for the Applications; the system icons are blue toned (or grey).
The other release will be based on: Warm (red, yellow) tones, Green tones and B/W tones). On any different Noia iconset, the applications will remain with the same design. I will change only the KDE icons and buttons.
So, this is not a EXCLUSIVE SET. I will not change the buttons (or other) colors.
If you wish to have a iconset with different colors (i know, allways blue will bore you), send me propositions to make a new iconset with 'mixed colors'. I will try to make a new icon set (entirelly made using Linux) with svg format, in white designs (for folders, buttons), and usig all possible colors; if you have any idea or you wish to collaborate, send me a mail or put your comment here.
Thanks - Nov 16 2002
I wish to make icons using svg. I have some ideas, but first i wish to release all Noia icon sets. This will take some time - Nov 14 2002
i removed the thumbs.db files.
These are files created by windowsxp when you browse a folder using previews.
I deleted thse files on high sizes folders, but not in small sizes.
Sorry - Nov 14 2002
aix - Nov 13 2002
;) buen juego.

Jugu - Nov 13 2002
hi WinterWolf.

You are anticipated to my intentions.
This iconset (the Noia for KDE) will be the 'normal' edition, and i will updload a enhanced version.

At this moment, i decided to make 2 prinicipal releases:
-This icon set, as the 'main' jost covering the KDE essential icons, with icons for 'K' apps, no higher than 64x64 sizes
-The 'enhanced icon set' or '12' icon set with 128x128 icons. At this moment, i don't know if distribute only the 128 icons with a 'inherits' to the Noia main or release a entire release with all sizes. My first release (before the first upload at kde-look) have 20 mb!
-Other icons with Noia style, for applications, and suggestions. I received a lot of messages requesting icons for applications, and they will be released a part of 'essential' icon set.

I wish to organize a little the suggestions, and the 'releases plan'. I don't know how... maybe a thread on the Discussion section. If you (all of you) wish to post your comments here, i agree.

Thanks for the suggestions - Nov 13 2002
This is not the first icon set i released (the others are made for windows).
When i wish to make new icons, i search for a 'look' and try any graphic programs as possible.
For the Noia icons, i choosed initially the 'look' and searched a program capable to do the designs.
The Noia designs are very hard to do with usual bitmap editors.
Photoimpact have vector objects with 3d properties (not exactly, they are 2,5D), with 3d shading, transparencies and reflections, just like a 3d program, but using 2d vectors. Make the plastic, transparencies with reflections are very easy with Photoimpact (like to apply a gradient to a vector polygon).
I create the forms and polygons then i applied the 3d shadings, thanks to them the workflow are very high.
Unfortunatelly, i can export to vector data, specially when i wish to maintain the shading effects, so the Noia icons are in raster format.
Photoimpact is a good program for the effects, but is not a good bitmap editor - Nov 13 2002
Noia significa 'chica' en catal - Nov 13 2002
aix - Nov 12 2002
i don't like the knotes icon too (and some others). I will change it.
Phoenix have a very incredible succesful in their short life! Yes i will make their icon, but i don't know if it will be included inside the icon set or as a downloadable apart (with other icons) - Nov 12 2002
Other generic icons will be released apart of the iconset (for not increase the download size).
When i upload the sources, any people can make their own Noia icons, of course! - Nov 12 2002
Si que hi ha catalans per aqu - Nov 12 2002
Have you reason, the background ball is very aqua-stylish, and it will be different and match to other Noia icons!
Please, make a suggestion of how the design will be.
I will change the design (i don't like to see lots of balls on my desktop ;)) - Nov 12 2002
First, and most important:
I DON'T WISH TO RIVALIZE with Crystal icons! Crystal are the KDE 3.1 deffault icons and a great (and intensive) job.
Simply: Everaldo created their own prefered icons, and i created my own prefered icons. Of coure, in some aspects they are similar, and some of the icons can be used in booth sets. I respect a lot the Everaldo's job and i dislike the messages 'this is best than...'
My icons are different, and the diversity are good. Simply enjoy the icons, the Crystal, the OSX like, my icons or others ;)

Second, and maybe more important: thanks for your comments, they are very constructive!
-About the 'pale' or 'comic aspect' (surelly there's a lot of people with this tought): i make the icons with the style that i like. Don't worry, other 3 icon variations (more contrasted are on the way).
-Have you reason: the xmms icon are bad designed. This and others i see bad designed will be redesigned. Sorry for the Mozzilla icon, but i created this icon very different to others (i always seen the same Mozilla design).
DON'T HESITATE if there's to comunicate a bad designed icon!
-Thanks for the missing icons! Some of them (Netscape, Opera) are not released just for the reason you are commented: the download is very high!
-Maybe i will release the 128x128 sizes a part (or with a higher version). I don't like the big downloads, but this is due to the big of icons to make a complete set for KDE! - Nov 11 2002
Noia Warm 0.95

Icon Sub-Sets 61 comments

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Aug 11 2003
i will release a new version, whit green tones. In adition, it will be the most original of any Noia iconset, changhing completely the actions, folders & mimetypes designs. As the others Noia iconsets, it will have a common color (in this case, the green), but using more colors for some icons, and the apps will use allways the same same icons. - Feb 11 2003
mi first intention (ofr original Noia iconset) was to upload 2 different versions: 1st without the 128x128 size (that size increases a lot the iconset), 2nd with all sizes.
But i finally decided this will be confusing: the people wants effective changes with one click. It will be frustant to Modem users (as you), when you download a 8 mb iconset, you install it, and you observe there's no the 128x128 size, and you need to download otehr big amount of megb.
The Noia icons have near 600 icons in each iconset, the actions in 48x48 size, lots of different sizes for each icon in individual files... all these things increases a lot the mb size. Info: the warm iconset have more detail than Noia original, for this reason it increased in around 2.5 mb. - Feb 09 2003
the original Noia wallpaper (in blue) is not under 'gpl' or any 'free' license. Someone posted a wallpaper link here (kde-look).
Anyway, i have no problem with external use/distribution of my works, at contrary!
I only disagree with 'abuse': inclusion in commercial softwares, some developpers think they can use any graphic/photo freely. The icons are one of the most effective parts, to make any software/desktop more succesful.

About your request, feel free to make any change and upload it. - Feb 09 2003
I use Ulead Photoimpact, a commercial software for Microsoft Windows platform. I tried to run this software under Linux, using the last Wine version (my first succesful compilation:)), but it still don't works :(.
It will be possible to make these icons using other software (f.ex. the Gimp), but it will need much more work.
I will post the sources (some ulead photoimpact files, photoshop layers for personal iconing), explanations of 'how', 'why' i created these icons (and other skins, specially the winamp3 skin, if someone is interested to make a kjoffol-noautun port let me know), some tutorials, and maybe a GNI (guideline noia interface :)). This may be called a 'Noia Book'. There's another iconset on the way, and surelly will be the most spectacular. It will come very soon. When i released it, i will work in the 'Noia Book' (i don't know if this will be their final name).
Note about versions: all the Noia iconsets have the same #version. When i finished the next iconset (Noia Natural), i will wait a month, then all 3 iconsets will be the version 1.00. - Feb 09 2003

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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Feb 09 2003
very nice :)
Thanks for this improvement.
There's a 3d Knoqui model? - Feb 09 2003
Icon artists

Various Stuff 7 comments

by ra1n
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Dec 20 2002
puo essere possibile. Nel mio caso sono abastanza impegnato adesso, ma non si sa mai.

ENG: it can be possible. Actually, i'm very busy, but i not disagree it - Dec 20 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Nov 27 2002
nice desktop, and nice Noia ('noia' means 'girl' on my language, catalan) - Dec 01 2002
Noia Apps WWW 0.01

Icon Sub-Sets 19 comments

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Nov 28 2002
My icons are intended to be right viewed at high icon sizes. KDE uses too many times small icon sizes. This is a problem for icons (not only mines, the OSX original icons have the same problem). I have two solutions: show only one part of the icon (observe the Control Center icon 16x16 and the other sizes) or make the icon with outlines and very highcontrasted (i choosed this last option for small sizes).
I can't make it more. The Noia icons have lots of curves, and it's very hard to make god designs for small sizes. In adition, the apps icons only have one size (128x128), and it depends of the GUI engine for correct showing of graphics (i mean good shrinking, and a small sharpening). Of course, if the design is complex (as this icons have), the GUI engine can't make miracles.
These icons have better funcion as application launchers, not as system menu entries.
ABout some designs: hou have reason about some icons, they are bad designed, but not out conventions. When i have a dude, i tried to use the same designs as KDE. Maybe i can refine some designs (making a correct ink pen, chanching the polygon -this mean 'paper'? I guess this is a simple design to hisghlight the pen-, and any other change needed).
I observed the KDE users don't like the changes. The Noia icons are a alternative, with diferent designs as usual. I not intended to make a definitive iconset. Anyway, i done lots of changes, but the Noia icons for KDE is very near to their '1.00' (and final) version, as is. Maybe i will make a Noia 'generic' iconset, more adapted to daily use, without 'K' logos (to match with other desktop managers), and... freedesktop compatible.
Anyway, the Noia apps icons don't will change - Dec 01 2002
and it seems the most popular name is 'Firebird'
It will be excellent, and matching with the icon i created :) - Nov 30 2002
Nice icon, your design match better on the 'Phoenix bird' sense as mine! - Nov 30 2002
ok! What a pyti! I like the name 'phoenix'.
Which will be the new name?

Anyway, i like the new icon i create for Phoenix, if it will not match with new name, i will use for any other app or generic icon - Nov 29 2002
Yes, i will make pictures for KDM!
I have not a lot of time, and the Noia for KDE iconset is the preferent.
Really, i changed my own picture with the gimp (Noia) png :)
The realease of this www iconset is just for make another version of the phoenix icon. If this new version is wellcome, i will change the phoenix icon included on the Noia for KDE iconset. - Nov 29 2002
Not quite kicker

Kicker Panel 84 comments

by fop
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Nov 27 2002
and very original. I like it! If you can fit the applets, it will be very good!
I like the color combination you made on the screenshot too :)
As usual when i can opine for new GUIs features, i request a best hotkeys implementation.
It will be good to asign a hotkey for the panels (as Win key for show the start menu, but more intensively, for any panel. - Nov 29 2002
nice noia splash

KDE 3.x Splash Screens 9 comments

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Nov 23 2002
btw, i updated my icons, some are different specially the 'Internet' icons.
Sorry, but i updated the icons just after your firts release!
Check the new icons :) - Nov 23 2002
Hey, very nice!
I like it!
;) - Nov 23 2002
ObjectDock for KDE?

Various Stuff 19 comments

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Nov 19 2002
The OSX dock looks nice on a ppc.
But it have some problems: it is used as a taskbar and as a launchers container (for applications and links to folders or www).
You can do this on KDE (without the animations, of course.
KDE bars have more utilities (applets) than OSX dock, and it will make very hard to integrate these applets with the 'zooming' effects.
If you only wish a 'animated launcher' it will have a hotkey (or similar) to easily show/hide this container.
The most important is: Don't copy this OSX feature, it will be very hard to integrate with KDE design.

Note by a OSX (me): i switched OFF the 'zooming' effect. It's very easy to activate the zooming with mouse when you try to click a button on bottom windows frames! - Nov 19 2002