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Arnaud Casse Rambouillet, France
newrez - Increase Screen Rez For Netbook

Nautilus Scripts by marc41 146 comments

Work like a charm on a netbook (MSI Wind U100X) with Ubuntu 13.04 Classic (gnome-session-fallback).

Like the author said on the page 5, the script can be used via terminal, even on startup. To do that, follow this steps :
1°/ Quote:Make a copy (or a link) of the newrez script into /usr/local/bin (which would require sudo and would make it available to all users) or into ~/bin (which does not require sudo and will make available to just you).
2°/ Open Preferences > Startup Applications. Add a command ("newrez 1280x720" for example), save it with name ("Newrez") and optional comment (i.e. "Change the resolution to 1280x720") to remember what it does.
3°/ Restart and enjoy ! - Aug 06 2013