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matt canalegrande

Wallpaper Other by myirax 10 comments

this is just compressed. And .rar archives are very common. do some googleing and enjoy this great artwork - Sep 13 2006
KDE Kontact

Groupware by cies 14 comments

Good idea, if you have Linux only clients, afaik. We still have some windows boxes too. So I tried eGroupware but we find it a bit sluggish.
If I put a date in Kalendar it appears twice for ex... - Mar 24 2005

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by samk242 3 comments

the view from tux is a scream! - Dec 01 2004
KDE Kontact

Groupware by cies 14 comments

how do you share calendar & address book function in a small lan with 5 - 15 participants ?
If I put an appointment I would like to share this with my collegues and vice versa.
I'd like to know a simple app. security is no issue here.
Any recommendation? - Jul 21 2004