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Rand A
Kbfx Startmenu
SabayonLinux Badge

Various Stuff 1 comment

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Jun 27 2007
i like :D - Jun 26 2007
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 499 comments

by mart
Score 58.0%
Dec 13 2007
any chance of releasing a version that works on KDE 3.5.7? - Jun 09 2007
There seems to be a memory leak related to Tastymenu when used with KDE 3.5.7.

Please update so I can use Tastymenu again, i love it! :D - May 28 2007
Star Trek like KDM Theme (1280x1024)

KDM3 Themes 3 comments

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Jun 18 2007
yep broken link, looks like an interesting theme too - Jun 06 2007
Evolution of computers

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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May 06 2007
True, but Ubuntu evolved from the Windows "an operating system for the ignorant" ideology. So it makes perfect sense. - May 08 2007
Kore Suite

Beryl/Emerald Themes 161 comments

by code2
Score 67.1%
Apr 04 2007
its not that hard to make one yourself - Apr 28 2007
By far the best theme i've come across! I can't wait to see everything else you have coming. A Firefox theme would be nice too, once you finish the icon set. - Apr 07 2007

Amarok 1.x Scripts 23 comments

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Apr 21 2007
According to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, it could be considered illegal. But the same laws apply to DVD Ripping tools, and I see them on this site as well.

Personally, I don't think its a big deal. Users that download music illegally will do it whether or not they have this plugin. This just reduces the amount of steps it would take to search and download.

Anyways, what do you care? Do you work at a label? are you a recording artist? Would you have to sell one of your Ferrari's if people use this plugin to download music? - Mar 02 2007

Beryl/Emerald Themes 4 comments

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Feb 27 2007
nevermind, expanding the theme name column so i can actually read it helps :)

I like it, just gotta find me a good icon set to go with it. - Feb 28 2007

Thats where the GTK theme is.

I can't seem to get this theme to work with emerald though. I import it, and its not in the list. Maybe i broke beryl. - Feb 28 2007