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Chris c01100011
LC Desktop

Wallpaper Other by cdk 2 comments

i like it alot, i have been looking for a good .svg tux. It looks a little wide as is, but that was quickly fixed in inskcape - Jun 28 2005
Debian Grid 01

Wallpapers Debian by gnrfan 3 comments

I think it is great, partially because it is debian , but mostly because it is simple and transparent. I have many great images that i like to use as wallpapers , mars rover captures, nature shots, hot girls, etc. but don't because i like to show some Linux pride. Ive been looking for a clean logo I could easily overlay on other wallpapers. I hope others will make similar "wallpapers" or should i say watermarks. Ive sent messages to other artists asking them to release fancy gnome logos with shadows and such that they used in there images as standalone transparent images but haven't gotten any response. Maybe this could spark something new, many people are posting unbranded images great but not very "gnome-look" this is needed.

While the scan lines do look cool on a plain gradient or some simpler images over more complex pictures it becomes a little busy, a version without them would be highly appreciated. I don't know if it helps file size at all but it doesn't even have to be the whole 1600x1200, just enough to get the logo in. Thanks for the great work. It is going to be used in combination with other images for a long time to come.

:: sorry for the essay:: - Jun 22 2005
Another Mod of Deb Girl

Wallpaper Other by ThEOnE 3 comments

i love it , but the bottle is a bit blurred/ ailized. And though the blue does look great artisticly, i would love a standard red version. - Apr 28 2005
OS X emu

Gnome Screenshots by Dominatus 23 comments

where did u get the xmms theme in the third screenshot from ? - Mar 14 2005
Baby GNU & Baby Tux

Wallpaper Other by nicolasrougier 16 comments

i think the rendered characters look amazing but the background they are on don't do them justice. They are also a little large for my preference. Would it be alright if I cut them out scale them down and put them on a different background for personal use ? - Jan 20 2005