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bvk chaitanya
IDE Icon

Various Gnome Stuff by supermike 1 comment

It looks like File Browser (to me) rather than an IDE :-( - May 20 2006
Grub Richard Stallman

GRUB Themes by mulder 6 comments

seems like a neat way to show our respect to him. I vote good! - Mar 31 2006

GDM Themes by roberTO21 9 comments

I would have voted 'good' if it says GNU/Linux :P There is very little linux stuff than GNU stuff. - Mar 02 2006

Icon Sub-Sets by kiddo 161 comments

How can i change the folder icon to some other icon? I want to change it to SNOW.E 2, but i dont know how :( - Nov 25 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by kiddo 161 comments

Did you make these icons yourselves? or extracted from your Mac? I am just wondering, can you really put those icons in GPL. Never mind, they look great, just like Mac. Thanks - Nov 25 2005