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Beryl/Emerald Themes

Beryl/Emerald Themes 22 comments

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Nov 30 2008
Not entirely sure how you go about installing GTK themes in KDE. In Ubuntu it's as simple as a drag-and-drop of the MurrinaMetrosuave.tar.gz archive into the theme selection window but that's using gnome as the desktop environment.

You've just stumbled upon one of the big annoyances of having competing desktop environments and their associated api's (GTK+ and Qt) - visual inconsistency. There isn't really a de-facto solution, but a quick google search yielded some possibilities:

But these look to be aimed at making your GTK apps look like Qt apps - not installing GTK themes. In either case, your QT apps won't have the striped bars look (which is a Murrine thing).

Another option is:
Which provides a unified engine for both GTK and Qt apps. Again, won't look like the screenshot - so you'll have customize it independently to suit your tastes.

But in any case, Emerald is the same on either KDE or Gnome, so the sexy window decorations will continue to function and look the same.

Any other suggestions from KDE users?
- Apr 14 2008
I believe you may be missing the Murrine engine.

I've you've got Ubuntu, open up synaptic in administrative options, search for "murri" (not sure if it's 'ine or 'ina' ;)

Something relevant and self-evident should show up ;)

Otherwise, the author's website is: - Apr 14 2008
Thanks for the heads up :) - Apr 14 2008
Oh and if you're into the psychedelic stuff that Shpongle album in the screenshot is worth checking out! Psychedelic electronic \ trance \ ambient.

Their logo had the honor of appearing along with Tool's and the Grateful Dead's in Alex Grey's 100th birthday painting for Hoffman - can't give the band a better endorsement than that ;) - Apr 13 2008
Richard Alpert would've been a good tab to open up :) - Apr 13 2008
It is included in the zip - MurrinaMetrosuave.

- Mar 31 2008
It's a shame I accidentally lost that part of the description.

OTOH, we now have a beautiful mug of Cmdr. Riker.

Thanks for the positive encouragement! - Mar 31 2008
Polish Glass

Beryl/Emerald Themes 15 comments

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Mar 23 2008
I'll bite.

First gen Canadian, parents are both from Poland.
Poland is well known for it's craft glass.
The theme's frames are glass-like.

- Mar 22 2008
Yup! In the emerald theme manager -> edit theme -> titlebar tab. There is a titlebar format string that lets you specify the positioning of buttons and other elements.

M:T:NRC:Normal Layout - Mar 21 2008

Icon Sub-Sets 31 comments

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Aug 21 2008
The screenshots and ratings don't do them justice; these are actually the nicest icons on the site. Some of them are somewhat odd and perhaps hard to recognize (logout guy on his back) but others (like the volume control) are just brilliant. - Feb 21 2008