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M Aslanov
simple ubuntu hoary

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Mar 15 2005
and wallpaper plz... - Apr 17 2005
Jens Wedel

Gnome Screenshots 1 comment

by fut21
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Apr 16 2005
it is very nice, no doubt about that, but honestly I think Mac OS is not cool anymore, too many ppl have it, and every single one looks exactly same! I agree this looks VERY good, but try something new, may be...

p.s. I didn't mean to offend you or anything this is VERY GOOD WORK!!! well done!! i do like it, it is just I will not use it cause too many ppl have it this days. - Apr 17 2005
Gnome + Fvwm

Gnome Screenshots 5 comments

by saigo
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Nov 20 2004
Please could you tell me where can I get this icons...

thanks!!... - Mar 06 2005
I Start My Day

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Feb 25 2005
there are many wallpapers which have no connection between then and Linux/Gnome... my question is how much Nescafe paid you? =) he he he - Feb 26 2005
Ambidexter Amber

Cursors 12 comments

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Jan 29 2005
good point! - Jan 29 2005
my debian sarge screenshot

Gnome Screenshots 2 comments

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Jan 28 2005
Hey nice screenshot, but I have one small question... can you tell me how do you manage to start eclipse from the desktop? thank's =) - Jan 28 2005
dead man

Wallpaper Other 19 comments

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Jan 27 2005
this is crazy! why would you want this on your desktop? are you this sad??

sorry to bring this up but this is worst wallpaper I have seen so far! - Jan 24 2005
some bootsplashes for Slackware

Plymouth Themes 2 comments

by mono
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Jan 24 2005
url you gave doesn't seem to be working...but bootsplash is very nice! - Jan 24 2005
Clean&Light Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Jan 30 2005
Ha ha ha sorry ignore previous message, I just found them! - Jan 23 2005
Hey can you post link to your fonts? I tried to find them on net but no success. Thank you. - Jan 23 2005

Wallpaper Other 11 comments

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Jan 18 2005
I am glad there is people like you wich are using Linux!! it adds new flavour to our highly computerized society =)).. - Jan 18 2005
Gnome 2.8 @ Debian Sid dedicated to f!z

Gnome Screenshots 4 comments

by baHam
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Oct 12 2004 good news, they are actually on this server... - Jan 15 2005
Icons are called Umicon and I have downloaded them from deviantart but it was long time ago, I don't remember address - Jan 15 2005

Icon Sub-Sets 44 comments

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Sep 01 2004
greate job!! - Jan 15 2005
OS X emu

Gnome Screenshots 23 comments

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Jan 17 2005
this is most beautiful theme i have seen so far on the gnome!! well done!!

p.s. forgive me copying it :) - Jan 15 2005

Karamba & Superkaramba 6 comments

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Dec 03 2004
sorry it is 4 in the morning and i am a bit slow... i got the wallpaper it is nice =)... thanks... just ignore this message - Dec 04 2004
hey can i ask you to post background image?? if is possible... thanks =)) - Dec 04 2004
Life is hard

Wallpaper Other 14 comments

by hares
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Nov 24 2004
I really like this work. But I think it adding words "life is hard" will make it even better!

thanks... - Nov 23 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes 22 comments

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Apr 19 2004

When I install your theme, I cannot open it in my theme manager. and next to name of the theme is .lock what does that means thank you - Apr 09 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 11 comments

by elmo
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Dec 13 2002
what the fuck that suppose to mean!! I mean with whom are you pissed off?? and nobody speaks about russians in this article so what is your problem? I don't get it!

p.s. i do speak russian... - Apr 09 2004

KDE 3.5 Themes 1262 comments

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Sep 10 2006
Hi it is trully best theme I have seen so far! But unfortunatly I cannot install it...
I'm using Fedora Core 1, and I downloaded and unpacked rpm file, but I cannot see Theme in my KDE Control Center please can you tell me what is wrong?

I also have downloaded and tried to compile tar file, but it gave me this error

checking for X... configure: error: Can't find X includes. Please check your installation and add the correct paths!

after I tried to do ./configure --prefix= --disable-debug --enable-final

p.s. i'm new to linux so I will really apreciate any help! Thank You. - Apr 09 2004