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GNOME DebBlue (user list)

GDM Themes by guzzi333 1 comment

This is a great theme! Very professional looking and fits perfectly with Debian. Your entire collection is fantastic. Any more comin' along? ;)

Too bad I don't run Debian - perhaps I should switch? - Aug 29 2005
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

Capitalism, communism, same shit different color. Either way people get screwed, either surreptitiously (rendered "worthless" and forgotten) or overtly (some bizarre notion of "equality" and then being murdered for thinking).

I've particularly no sympathy for communism or whatever you wish to call it: extreme socialism, socialism in one state or any other form.

Your "theme", Potemkin, particularly with the attached comment has no merit - either as a joke or as a serious piece of work. It's an affront to humanity that has suffered enough because of these "ideals".

Thumbs down to you buddy. - Aug 29 2005