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Gus Sudiro

Wallpaper Other by Belfegor 2 comments

Nice picture!
Strangely, the preview link showed a 1600x1200 but the download link is a 1024x768 image. Is it reversed ?? - Feb 23 2005
Honda NSX

Wallpaper Other by mankeletor 4 comments

Honda released the NSX as Acura NSX in the US but outside of US, it's released as Honda NSX. - Feb 06 2005
Honda NSX

Wallpaper Other by mankeletor 4 comments

This is Honda/Acura NSX .. Not SNX! .. - Feb 06 2005
Indian Paint brush in spring (c. 2004)

Wallpaper Other by bsudiro 2 comments

Thanks .. my first attempt at contributing on kde-look .. :-) - Jul 07 2004

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 4 comments

Nice .. but a little too bright though .. What about a little darker grey background ??

Good job!
Thanks ... - Mar 09 2004
a Rose & Clock

Wallpaper Other by Arty 2 comments

Very nice wallpaper!! A little on the darkish mood side, but very nice! - Oct 01 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by BMKid 12 comments

Looks pretty similar to Marble iconset, but I like the background colors on gentoo icons!
Thanks for packaging it!

Cheers! - Jun 23 2003