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Simply Circles Icons

Full Icon Themes 69 comments

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Jun 01 2020
Thank you! - Dec 13 2019
ju1464, would you allow me permission to include the gray icons in one of my releases? I'm the dev of a couple of small distros...MiyoLinux (Devuan-based) and Miyo-Rolling (NuTyX-based). I would love to include them on my next Openbox version of Miyo-Rolling if you will allow me to. :) - Dec 12 2019
THANK YOU! Wow! That was quick! I really appreciate it more than I can say. The grey goes so well with light and dark themes! I like the night-blue also. Thanks so much, and I donated! :) - Nov 19 2019
10 the best - Nov 11 2019
Absolutely fantastic icon set(s)!!!
I can imagine what goes into producing them, so I'm hesitant to ask this...
Would you be willing to make a gray set whenever it's convenient for you?
Whether you do or not, I still thank you so much; you've done fabulous work! - Nov 11 2019
Adwaita Revisited (Openbox Versions)

Openbox Themes 7 comments

Score 72.2%
Jun 01 2017
Hi lurux! Sorry for the late reply. The menu in the screenshots is provided by obmenu-generator. It will automatically add or remove icons in the menu. If you're using a manually edited menu and want to add icons to it (or if you want to know how to install obmenu-generator), please see the link to my's much easier to link you to that than to try to cover everything here. I hope you understand. :)
Here's the link...
Once there, go to...
Openbox Stuff > Openbox Menus >

Hope it helps! - May 16 2019
Sorry for the multiple comments that I've made. None of them were showing up, and I would periodically try to reply again. Suddenly, they all showed up at once! Now I can't delete them. - Jun 02 2017
Thanks malysps. The icon theme is called Evolvere. - Jun 02 2017
Thanks malysps. The icons are called Evolvere. I downloaded them from the following link...

Be aware that it's a very large download, because it includes several colors and variants of each color. After I downloaded it, I just chose the ones I wanted to use and placed them in /usr/share/icons. The ones in the screenshots are the small icons. Larger icons are square and colorful. - Jun 01 2017
Adwaita Revisited (Light and Dark Window Themes)

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes 16 comments

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May 16 2017
Thank you so much for the kind words. :) I'm getting older myself friend! I'm glad you like the themes, and take care friend!
- Sep 27 2017
JesselSteele, you may do whatever you would like with it, and you don't have to give me credit whatsoever...keep it as is, rename it, or whatever you'd like. I'm not jealous over anything I do. :) Take care friend. - Jun 29 2017
@JesselSteele...thank you for your interest; unfortunately, no...I don't have a GitHub project as I only do these types of things as side projects and fun as time allows. I apologize that I couldn't be of more help. I checked out your project, and it looks very interesting and great! Good luck with it. - Jun 29 2017
See if this your terminal, and enter...
xfwm4 - Jun 02 2017
Hi rhnvrm. Both Stick and Shade are now available in "Adwaita Revisited (Version 2). Thank you for your input. :) - May 16 2017
Thank you rhnvrm. Yes, I will do just that as soon as I'm able. I don't use either Stick or Shade, so I didn't include them; however, I'll add them and upload the new theme soon. Sorry for not including them to begin with. Check back soon. :) - May 15 2017
Simply Circles Icons

Full Icon Themes
by ju1464

Score 86.8%
10   Nov 11 2019
10 the best