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bret sheppard Silver City, United States of America
Timex Clock

Cairo Clock by bretcolin 4 comments

also if your new to linux open a browser from the terminal with sudo nemo or sudo thunar and open file browser the regular way copying the extracted file and pasting it in the root opened browser in /usr/share/cairo-clock/skins or themes. - Jan 10 2021
Timex Clock

Cairo Clock by bretcolin 4 comments

it is a cairo-clock skin for linux. basically install cairo-clock. I use cairo-clock_0.3.4-2ubuntu2_amd64.deb and can be downloaded here. after installing cairo-clock download the file for timex and extract it putting the skin file in /usr/share/cairo-clock/skins or themes. Thank you for your compliment. I like old school stuff too. - Jan 10 2021
Spiderman Clock

Cairo Clock by bretcolin 2 comments

Thank you iceler. - Jan 02 2020

Wallpaper Other by PsyrixDesign 6 comments

Wicked cool and very inspiring dude, thanks. I can tell that you really love art, It's fun huh? - Apr 23 2009