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Brendan Orr
The Reinhardt Icon Set

Icon Sub-Sets by leinir 85 comments

, then we can use SVGs for the Throbber too :D )
Actually, the throbber in konqueror doesn't use a single animated image, rather it uses a series of images (action/kde[1-15], IIRC) search around in your $KDEBASE/share/icons/default set. - Jul 13 2004
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by boskicinek 112 comments

In addition to that, it will be themeable (and compatible with GDM themes). I am not working on the project personally (I think there is only one dev doing work for it now) it looks like its coming along. Just needs svg support (via ksvg). - Dec 14 2003
UI enhancement (KDE 3.1.3)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by equinoxe 139 comments

My KDE is a clean CVS (I.e. no patches) and the text shadow does a pretty good job. I tried modifying my $HOME/.kde/share/config/kdesktoprc file according to the .cpp and .h files in kdesktops subdir. However it doesn't seem to make any difference. Here is a snipplet:
I believe that is correct, oh well, at least I can control the color :) - Jul 08 2003
Kppp pixmap replacements

Various Stuff by brendanorr 3 comments

But really, I agree with you about the dock icons. Those were a 3 minute hack. I simply don't like working with 24x24 pixels, I'd rather have a 48x48 icon _minimum_.

--Brendan - Jun 30 2003
Kppp pixmap replacements

Various Stuff by brendanorr 3 comments

I seem to have the worst luck with screenshots for some reason. Well, the previews for the screenshots look blank, but the screenshots themselves are still visible when you click the preview. - Jun 30 2003
Noiasol carddeck for KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by brendanorr 1 comment

Please also note that the previews aren't the best quality (jpeg compression is not the best). - Jun 02 2003
XaraK - Sneak Preview

Icon Sub-Sets by meriksson 28 comments

If you want to change the color of the icon set, you don't have to wait for someone to change the hue values of all of the icons because KDE can do that for you. Go to the icon kcm module and then to the icon effects tab (I appollogize if this is not the accurate name, my hard disk on my linux box isn't working properly, so I must bite the bullet with this Win95 machine :( ) then choose "All Icons" in the list (I think "All Icons" should be there in pre-3.x versions of KDE) then select the Colorize effect for the different icon states. - May 24 2003

Wallpaper Other by mediafile 3 comments

seem like they would make a nice icon theme. It would sortof drop the folder metaphore with a "bunch of papers between to sheets of glass" metaphore, but it would look nice. - Apr 30 2003

Wallpaper Other by brendanorr 2 comments

Geocities is currently hosting my images, so you might come across a "Page has exceeded allowed data transfer" Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do short of finding another hosting site. Anybody recommend any free hosts? - Apr 29 2003
KDE Style Suggestion / H2O

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by wwwonka 9 comments - Apr 29 2003
Sunset over lake

Nature by seffel 1 comment

Reminds me of my lake's sunsets (especially the silhouette & the waves) - Apr 28 2003
Ideas for many minor KDE improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by axeljaeger 6 comments

Though some things will require some additional coding (in the form of scripts) Here is a basic .desktop file that will add a fully functional Touch command to the context menus.
[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action touchFile]
Name=Touch the file
Exec=touch %F - Apr 27 2003
Ideas for many minor KDE improvements

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by axeljaeger 6 comments

Really it isn't hard to create your own service menus. Here is a helpful url: - Apr 27 2003
Wallace And Gromit

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 4 comments

When I try to download I get an error page with the message:

ERROR: No access to this Document Repository Section
User does not have access to the Document Repository
- Apr 14 2003
KWin drop shadow patches

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Deciare 58 comments

Hey, in a future release, could you add the ability to change the shadow color. So you can have sort of a "aura" effect. Thanks - Apr 13 2003
SlideShow (GL)

Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

I'm using the 4349 drivers ATM, I'll try downgrading tomorrow to see if that works, otherwise I'll try to poke around in the source a little. Thanks anyway :) - Apr 06 2003
SlideShow (GL)

Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

Yeah, using smaller pictures fixes the problem, but its not because of my graphics card not having enough memory. Its a GeForce4 w/128 megs-o-ram - Apr 05 2003

Karamba & Superkaramba by themesKnugen 222 comments

..when you have wallpapers constantly cycling wallpapers the transparent areas of the cards don't update automatically. Instead I had to reload that particular .theme. Other than that, its awesome, hope to see it included in the future KDE releases :) - Apr 04 2003
SlideShow (GL)

Screensavers by wjarosz 58 comments

When I see the preview in the setup dialog, it looks nice and normal. When I run it, however, the first image just fades to black with no other images fading in. - Apr 04 2003
Window for your mind

Wallpaper Other by brendanorr 3 comments

It really doesn't hurt my eyes, but then again most of my apps run fullscreen. I'll check it out though. - Mar 24 2003
KFiresaver3D (OpenGL) - Source

Screensavers by koral 145 comments

I really like this screen saver, its better, IMHO, to many of those closed-source screensavers for Windows. I can't wait till the cloud featers will be available :).
One thing I wish there were more of: more firework types (yes, I said more :), as well as matching sounds. For example, big booms for the ones that flash, maybe a crackle for a lot of the others, don't forget the wistling kind. The fireworks like in LOTR would be nice too :) - Mar 17 2003
Electric Shrooms

Wallpaper Other by brendanorr 5 comments

Sadly, theirs is much better (then again, if only I had money to buy Lightwave) - Jan 22 2003
Electric Shrooms

Wallpaper Other by brendanorr 5 comments

I think I found what you were talking about. Is it kinda like top screenshot on Gentoo's site? - Jan 21 2003
Electric Shrooms

Wallpaper Other by brendanorr 5 comments

Really? Could you give me a url or something? I'm kinda interested on how their's looks - Jan 21 2003