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Carlos Orozco Asuncion, Paraguay
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Ubuntu V-TEC GDM

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Apr 15 2006
Sure. Just give me some time (**holidays are finished here so it means I'll have to wait until next weekend). I'll keep you posted. Take care. - Apr 16 2006
Thanks! :-) - Apr 16 2006
Guild Wars Necromancer GDM theme

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Aug 04 2005
It is finally resolved now... Enjoy! :-) - Aug 04 2005

Oops! Well, if you double check the original posting message, you will realize that I am having problems hosting the file (it is on a little machine at home that has to be shutdown in order to keep electricity costs down :( ).

However I am trying to get a couple friends to host the files on their www servers, I hope I can get it resolved by the next week, but I have no guarantee on it.

Again I'd appreciate if you or someone else have a better server uptime and are able to spare some bandwidth; please let me know to my email address so I may upload it and add the extra download link.

Right now, you can try getting the files from 18:00 - 23:00 hrs CDT.

I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
:) - Jul 30 2005
You can get more art at their website:

The art and concept images are amongst the best I've ever seen for a game, just download a few to see what I'm talking about. ;-)

I wanted GDM to look-like / match my Desktop, and I believe I did... ;-)

Cheers! - Jul 15 2005
No unfortunately. However if you want to play it on your linux box, you can with Transgaming's Cedega. They have it officially supported. - Jul 14 2005
Thanks! This is my first attempt creating a GDM theme. I am glad you like it. :) - Jul 14 2005
view through grass

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Jul 12 2005
It is just simple and beautiful. :) - Jul 14 2005