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Brandon Gonzales Las Vegas, United States
Flat Remix ICON theme

Full Icon Themes 265 comments

Score 85.3%
Jan 17 2020
+Great icons set! - Aug 02 2018

Cinnamon Themes 11 comments

Score 74.0%
Aug 03 2019
I'm not sure why, but when I install and enable the theme, it is white instead of black. I installed it into the .themes folder as instructed. - Aug 02 2018
Google Cursor

Cursors 18 comments

by Kaiz
Score 75.3%
Dec 16 2018
Could you maybe make a version of the cursor set that is smaller? It looks great, but the default pointer reminds me of the classic Windows cursor set. - Mar 20 2018

Full Icon Themes 14 comments

Score 79.4%
Oct 15 2017
Great icon theme! I love that this isn't just another "square" based theme. Although, it is missing some icons such as Geany. - Jul 29 2017
Google Cursor

by Kaiz

Score 75.3%
Mar 24 2018
Flat Remix ICON theme

Full Icon Themes
by daniruiz06

Score 85.3%
9   Aug 02 2018
+Great icons set!