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Various KDE Stuff
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Mar 17 2005
I'am aware of this problem. It's a bug in libchm++, which I use for data extraction. I fixed this bug, and soon I upload a new version of kchm. - Mar 16 2005
It's normal. One for application, one for kpart. - Mar 16 2005
I think it's ok. - Mar 15 2005
1) Thank you for your feedback. It seems that I did some management on source tree, but forgot update some Makefiles.

2) More features - in future versions. - Mar 15 2005

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Dec 17 2004
I can explain this. When i try using system version of this libraries(chm, bz2, db,...) i get really strange segfaults. I discovered that this is happen because of different compilation options(for example _REENTRANT, FILE_OFFSET_BITS... and so on)... And I decided to put all this libraries in my tree and compile them with the same options. - Dec 18 2004
a) Sorry, but i do not understand your problem... :(
b) I can add guess feature in next release.

2) Try to push down mouse button and wait for a sec... Not just click.

3) In next release...

4) Strange... It does not work from ReadeR or from konqueror? And what it says? - Dec 18 2004
ReadeR does not depend on xpdf. Some parts of xpdf included in distribution of ReadeR. - Dec 18 2004
And, this is NOT a file viewer, this is a database AND a viewer for different kind of documents... - Dec 17 2004
kde-3.4? What is this? :) I started this project more than year ago, and at that time kpdf war really ugly :)

BTW: thanx. - Dec 17 2004
My Login Manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 123 comments

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Mar 24 2004
I think you can login as root and disable sound in Kontrol Center. - Apr 12 2004
Kde > 3.1.93 needed. - Apr 08 2004
And what? It's too bad? I think we can get good ideas from other OS'es - Mar 26 2004
When I have 2 monitors, I'll write support for Xinerama. But if I does'nt have >=2 monitors how can I do it? :) - Mar 26 2004
What QT version you use? - Mar 26 2004
What is you libc version? - Mar 25 2004
If you can, do some new icons, please. - Mar 25 2004
Daemon behavior? It's working... But if it not working for you - it's bug. Send me /var/log/mdm.stderr.

You can set login icon in file $(HOME)/.login_icon. You want $(HOME)/.user.png? But why .png? May be .jpg? It's not very good. - Mar 25 2004
Kde > 3.1.9* needed. But you can safely remove this line. But there are can be many more kde 3.1.9* dependencies. - Mar 25 2004
I will do this when I have time. - Mar 25 2004
Thank you :) - Mar 25 2004
No. You only can change placement,colors,pixmaps. Look&feel only in Xp-style. And this is my goal. :) - Mar 25 2004
try before ./configure do
export CXXFLAGS="$CXXFLAGS -fexceptions". Or try to delete all occurences of "-fno-exceptions" in generated Makefile's. - Mar 25 2004
Themes are very simple. Theme is a tar.gz file, consists of themerc file and images used in this theme.
Example themerc file:


All values (except colors) from 0 to 1. When drawing, they scaled to screen WIDTHxHEIGHT. - Mar 25 2004
I can't make icons myself. If anyone do them, I replace current icons. - Mar 25 2004
I do not use GDM because I do not have gtk/gnome on my computer.

>dont tellor expect KDE developers to use it for the next version, because they will not.

I do not expect this. I do not NEED this. - Mar 25 2004
Kde > 3.1.9* needed. But you can simple comment this line. All will be fine. - Mar 25 2004
I agree that kdm ain't bad. But I do not like it. And when I make a decision to write this program, first I try to MODIFY kdm. But I found this is not posiible. And I can explain why. When kdm want that I use it's own widget for getting login & password... :o( Sorry my stupid english. - Mar 24 2004
>I would prefer a grey screenshot from the last session of KDE as background.

It's not possible. For example, if you exit from X by ctrl-alt-backspace? How to save screenshot? - Mar 24 2004
To install:
make install

After installation you can change current theme in file /etc/mdm.config. Available themes are default.theme and green.tgz.

If something wrong, send me file /var/log/mdm.stderror( if it not very big ). My email red___hat at mail dot ru.

After first start for every user file $(HOME)/.login_icon will appear. In this file you can change your login icon.

To start:
In console run mdm. To replace gdm or kdm to mdm I must know your distribution type. And I know how to do it only for my system now. :( Any feedback are welcome. - Mar 23 2004
The Way that KDM should look

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 112 comments

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Mar 21 2004
I have created almost the same thing. And soon I gonna put it on - Mar 22 2004