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Brandon P
Jesus Visiting the Americas Background

Wallpaper Other by nephitejnf 13 comments

me 2 - Feb 24 2009
[Cairo-Dock] Oxygen

Cairo-Dock Themes by MastroPino 4 comments

I like the theme. Is version 2.0 required? I just have 1.6...

Cairo-dock is the best! Way better than AWN! I can't wait to see what version 2 has - Jan 30 2009
Murrina Samui

GTK2 Themes by Goamaus 4 comments

thanks for the update

I thought ubuntu intrepid had one of the latest murrine engines...guess not, installed from svn and now it looks beautiful, thanks - Jan 03 2009
Murrina Samui

GTK2 Themes by Goamaus 4 comments

So, the file is not in gzipped format. It is just a tar may want to re-compress it as gzip or change the extension to reflect that

Also, I am sort of a newb with themes, I am not sure how to make good use of this, I would love to have it look like the screenshot but there is no index.theme in the archive...I tried to create my own but that turned out to be pretty ugly, I installed PlanoLM, not sure what to do next... - Jan 03 2009