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Luciano ASD
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by sora
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Apr 09 2009
Have you tested your theme with unified toolbars and without lines?

I think it will look much better - Apr 09 2009

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Jan 22 2009
I love it! Best theme ever - Jan 22 2009
It might be the saddest theme, but again, its just a look, it doesn't have any lack of functionality - Jan 22 2009
I don't know the name of the engine, but its not the one you've mentioned above - Jan 22 2009
Murrine gaia

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Nov 13 2008
You can download it!

Btw, scrollbars are diferent (more visible i think) than the ones in the screenshot - Nov 14 2008
Indeed, is not available yet. Since i needed to put a link i redirected to another similar theme, but its not ready for use :)

Im waiting for suggestions/comments.

Good you like it - Nov 11 2008
The progressbar and the scrollbar use pixmap engine, the rest is murrine engine - Nov 11 2008
Compact murrine

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Nov 07 2008
I don't really use buttons on scrollbars because its kinda hard to catch up a 10x10 button pixel when you can scroll by using the mouse or the mouse whell, but i can put the buttons on scrollbars for sure.

Sliders are the way the are, cause they are really thin, and it would be a pain in _you know where_ to catch them if they are shorter.

Again, this is 1 line configuration so, you can make it shorter - Nov 09 2008
Well, the thing is this:

Im using murrine engine and im not able to change the progressbars size, for that i should try another engine such as pixmaps, but then, again, is upto the font size you are using.

For the combo boxers there is a catch. If you reduce the size of the combo box, then it will be smaller than the arrow button, and it looks horrible!

I understand the fact that consistency is important but as you noted in your comment:

Compact OR consistent

I guess we should try to make compact things we can and leave the rest make it look good. - Nov 08 2008
Yes, the scrollbar is 10px (normal is 15 px).

I think any scrollbar is hard to catch with a laptop hehe, but the thing is: I don't use scrollbars!

I mostly use the wheel of my mouse, and to catch a 10 px (giving that you can catch a 15 px) is not hard at all for me.

The sliders are a small, but i tried to compensate them with the lenght. Of course, all of this is configurable, just 2 lines of code - Nov 08 2008
Thanks very much!

I love shiki, as you can see I also use the icons!

Im considering dropping the stripped progressbars (i hope murrine guys do something about this) and use pixmap engine so i can use gradients and that will match the theme better.

Also, the x/ythickness set to 1 in buttons allows one to "hide" the dotted rectangle focus in buttons since it fits perfectly in the border! unfortunately for tabs and stuff doesn't work :) - Nov 07 2008

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Aug 03 2009
I don't think it would be a trouble to add one more version of shiki-colors, you can add a new gtk-theme called Shiki-colors-Murrine only.

On the one hand i think that using just one engine is a very good idea, on the other hand the dotted focus rectangle is kinda horrible! (but considering that murrine is being actively developed i think they will "fix it").

Taking that appart, i don't think tabs matches the original concept, i like the blue bar on top of them - Oct 21 2008
First of all i want to congratulate you for the excellent piece of work you've done! Its a really great theme (and very complete!)

I was wondering what cursor (X11 mouse themes under gnome-look) do you use or recommend?

Thanks - Oct 16 2008