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GTK2 Themes by TheRob 524 comments

Very easy to add. Just do a bit of research on making themes. - Dec 22 2009
Black-Diamond (blue)

Gnome 2 Color Schemes by amitg 4 comments the whole Lunux world and your fellow human being good and explain in plain terms how to install these right here. Or do YOU enjoy Googling for 30 forum posts for 3 hours, with most posts outdated, to try to piece together this basic info? - Nov 26 2009
Your stickers are derivative works! Just like you cannot take the Coco-Cola logo and remix it slightly and claim copyright over it, so it is with this case. End of the matter. - Nov 09 2009
That license for that work is no more legitimate than "copyright all rights reserved". It is a itself a derivative work of an image under the GNU, a license that REQUIRES that derivate works be released under a same or similar license that allows derivative works. So, yea, read the license before you go ignorantly slapping labels on things. - Nov 08 2009

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by Untergunter

Dec 26 2009
Dec 26 2009
Dec 26 2009