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Kevin Elle Halifax, Canada

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Aug 31 2009
Hey I'm going to be using these for a long time. Great set!!

- Aug 11 2009

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Jun 17 2007
The only way I could get the script to run was to try to install the icons using KControl and directing it to the downloaded file... that made it sort of install... then I had to go to the kde icons folder and run the buildset from there.

Once that was done, then I had the full set installed.

Thanks for your help.

Is there some reason why the buildset wouldn't run from another folder? It had all the right permissions - or so I believe.

Kev - Jun 20 2007
OK sorry I'm new to Linux and I can't figure out how to properly install this Icon set.

I don't know how to run the Buildset script.

Thanks for any help!!

Kev - Jun 19 2007