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Plasma Themes by jamboarder 62 comments

I'm running 4.1.82. If you're using svn and checked out after that tag, maybe it's fixed already, yet it only happens with this scheme out of all I tried.

I'm using Obsidian Coast right now, but it doesn't matter what I choose, the problem remains.

It's not affected either whether I use a composited desktop or not.

Thanks again ;) - Dec 17 2008

Plasma Themes by jamboarder 62 comments

I love this theme!!
At last I can have a small panel :)

Besides, it looks very polished.

I have a problem with the calendar applet, though. I just can't see the days, and I've tried a few different color schemes.

You can see it here:

What is the color scheme you use in the third shot anyway, since it is mostly what I tried to achieve?

Thanks again for your work on this theme. I now love KDE4's looks much more :) - Dec 16 2008